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Safety in Your Everyday Commute

Road safety starts with you. It only takes one accident to damage your car beyond repair and seriously injure you — keeping you out of the driver’s seat and off the road forever.

Protect yourself – and your vehicle – with a comprehensive car insurance policy. Speak to our brokers today.


For Your Antique and Vintage Ride

As a classic car owner, you know just how much these collector items are worth — and what it means to protect them, whether they’re sitting for display in the garage, or still sturdy enough to rev up. Your classic car only gets better with time.


Protection for Your Big Bike

Touring bikes, cruisers, motor scooters, and standard motorcycles are just some of the most popular, convenient, and thrilling rides. We’re here to help make them safe and ensure you’re protected when you hit the road.


Protecting You in the Water

Going out into the water? Safety first: sail within your boat’s capacity, stock up on enough life jackets for everyone aboard, and maintain the engine. Most of all, you need boat insurance made just for you and your charter out in the open waters.


Fun. Adventure. Safety on the Road

Bags packed? Filled up on gas? Iconic sights mapped out for a cross-country adventure? You need the right insurance coverage before hopping into your RV.

Don’t drive off without recreational vehicle insurance for your adventure ride. Contact Marathon Insurance today.


When You are Most at Home on the Road

With a travel or camper trailer, every day is an adventure. Travel with the comforts of home and protection for your ride. Take your insurance coverage for every mile of the journey.


Auto Insurance

Your Partner in Road Safety

At Marathon Insurance, we’re safety advocates above all else. We equip drivers with tools for making the everyday commute safe. Keep your eyes on the road and drive safely with the right auto insurance policy tailored to your needs.

Drive with Marathon

Get an Auto Insurance Quote

The Marathon Insurance guarantee is comprehensive protection at the most competitive rates. Our insurance brokers work with leading providers in Ontario to build your custom auto insurance policy that protects everything under and above the hood, and you in the driver’s seat.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Protection for Every Mile

Auto insurance is your number one companion for the road ahead — whether it’s your everyday commute to work, or a long weekend drive. Before pulling out of the driveway, your Marathon insurance broker makes sure you drive with:

  • Direct Compensation for Property Damage: Covers damage to your vehicle and property caused by an insured motorist.
  • Liability Coverage: Provides financial protection if you are held liable for injury, death, or property damage suffered by other people.
  • Accident Benefits: Covers your medical bills, rehabilitation, funeral costs, or lost income.
  • Enhanced Coverage: Choose from Collision or Upset Coverage to cover repairs or a replacement, and Comprehensive Coverage that covers windshield and other damage due to theft, vandalism, falling objects, lightning, explosion, and others.

Types of Auto Insurance

Protection for Every Driver

Whatever your choice of wheels is, there’s an auto insurance policy for you. Our insurance brokers help you find the right type of auto insurance, and unlock generous savings through insurance bundles. Find protection for your ride:

Auto Insurance FAQs

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