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Homeowners Insurance in Toronto

Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance

For Your Loved Ones. For Your Biggest Investment. For the Life You Built.

For most Canadians, climbing the property ladder is the single largest investment they make — and the most vital to sustaining family life. More than a roof and four walls, a home is both a place and a feeling: your sanctuary and personal centre, and security and peace with the ones you love and share it with. You need to protect both — the dwelling and everything it stands for.

Homeowner’s Insurance by Marathon

Protecting Property and People

It only takes one fire, break-in, or any other disaster to lose the life you worked hard to build. Without the right protection for your property, you and your loved ones are at risk of a massive financial fallout from physical damages, and even more devastating losses, like emotional turmoil and lifestyle upheaval that no amount of money can measure. Your Marathon Insurance broker is here to help prevent these.

Our insurance brokers equip you with the right homeowner’s insurance policy. We help you find and customize the right coverage to your property, lifestyle, and budget. Our brokers cultivate partnerships with major insurance providers to protect your property and assets. Trust your Marathon Insurance broker to help you reduce your risk, get the right coverage, and tailor a policy to your specific needs and financial goals.

How It Works

Get Your Personalized Homeowner’s Insurance Quote

  1. Get a quote: Your Marathon Insurance broker will source quotes from major Canadian homeowner’s insurance providers to help you find the most competitive rates.
  2. Tailor your coverage: We build your homeowner’s insurance policy based on your exact needs. Your broker tailors coverage options according to your property, risk, and lifestyle.
  3. Manage your policy: Use the Marathon app to access your policy anytime, update your coverage, and file a claim and request support.

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

Made for You by Marathon

How much insurance do I need? What types of coverage should my policy include? Get answers to these basic questions and more. Your Marathon Insurance broker is here to help you obtain the best quotes and comprehensive protection. With our customized approach to homeowner’s insurance, we build your policy according to the coverage options and limits you need to protect your home and family.

Named Perils

Covers specific perils or risks outlined in your policy. This type of plan is typically most affordable, but may risk financial loss in case you suffer uninsured damage.

All Risks

The comprehensive option, covering broader risks that homeowners face, excluding only a few specific hazards.

Insurance Bundles

Save on home insurance and get comprehensive coverage. It’s possible with our home and auto insurance bundle options.

At Marathon Insurance, our mission is a custom homeowner’s insurance policy tailored to your needs and lifestyle. Your home and the life you built are anything but standard — your home insurance coverage should reflect that. Starting with the most competitive quotes and policy options from trusted providers, we design your personalized homeowner’s insurance plan that protects both the basics and your exact needs.

Essential Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

What does your home insurance policy cover? Your basic coverage includes:


Covers losses in your home and attached structures, such as a deck or garage

Detached private structures

Covers damages to separate structures still on your property, such as a tool shed.


Offers financial protection in case of liability claims filed by a third party who incurred damage or suffered an injury on your property.


Helps replace the contents of your home, including furniture, electronics, appliances, and personal effects, within specified coverage limits.

Temporary Living Expenses

Covers the cost of hotel stays or short-term rentals if your home needs to be vacated following an insured loss.

Additional Coverage for Homeowners

Discover complete property and lifestyle coverage. Build your customized homeowner’s insurance policy with comprehensive protection for all your assets, against all types of hazards.

High-Value Assets

Upgrade your standard homeowner’s policy limits for personal effects. Get complete coverage for your high-value assets, including jewelry, art collections, and sporting equipment.

Home Business

Do you run a business out of your home? Standard homeowner’s insurance does not cover home-based businesses. Protect both your property and livelihood with additional coverage tailored to small home businesses.

Natural Disasters

Protect your home against hazards like fire, lightning, windstorms and hail, and earthquakes. Get repair and replacement coverage in case of a natural disaster.

Water Damage

Your standard homeowner’s insurance policy may cover damage caused by burst pipes and appliances. But you need enhanced coverage for sewer backup and overland flooding to ensure complete protection against structural damage.

Home Replacement Cost Guarantee

Upgrade your basic repair and replacement coverage for your home’s structure and contents. Enjoy unparalleled peace of mind with a complete replacement cost guarantee to cover the entire property loss — well above the specified standard policy limits.

Claim Forgiveness

Filing a claim for the first time — or more? We know that accidents can happen. Most insurers would charge more in the coming years due to the perceived increased risk. Keep your insurance premiums from going up with the claims forgiveness guarantee.

Disappearing Deductible

Enjoy peace of mind for years without the burden of rising home insurance premiums. Reduce your deductible for every consecutive term you go without a claim. Ask your Marathon broker about reducing risks to keep your property safe and claims-free.

Marathon Protection

We Protect Your Home

At Marathon Insurance, our mission is the protection of every homeowner and the life they’ve built. Our team of dedicated insurance brokers are here to help you understand every aspect of homeowner’s insurance and get the best value from your policy. Of course, we hope you are never met with unfortunate circumstances — but we’re here to secure your home life just in case.

Trust our insurance brokers to partner with the most reputable providers in Canada to design a homeowner’s insurance policy that’s made just for you. Get the best rates, and enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 support and comprehensive coverage for everyone you love, and everything you value.

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