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Errors and Omissions Insurance in Toronto

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions Insurance

Protection From Professional Liability

Architects, engineers, doctors, developers, consultants — esteemed professionals we trust for a job well done and expert advice.

As a professional in these fields, you spent years training, earning licenses and certifications, and building a pristine reputation. An error in your professional judgment can be devastating to clients — and costly to you. Don’t let one incident define the rest of your career and legacy.

Coverage for Professional Liability

Protect Your Credentials and Reputation

Errors and omissions insurance is your companion throughout a long and distinguished career. E&O insurance covers potential gaps in your professional service and provides financial protection in the event of a liability claim.

Protect years of hard work you’ve put into building your professional practice.

Let’s Protect Your Professional Practice

Medical Providers, Engineers, Accountants, and Creatives

At Marathon Insurance, we value your professional expertise. Our insurance brokers are here to protect your practice with errors and omissions insurance.

We partnered with leading providers to equip you with coverage that’s fully customized to your industry, services, and risk exposure. Enjoy peace of mind and focus on what you do best knowing your legacy of success is fully protected.

How Your Errors & Omissions Coverage Works

Insurance as Unique as Your Professional Practice

  1. Get a quote:

    What professional services do you offer, and what industry do you work in? Have you dealt with unhappy clients before — and what were their complaints? What types of losses do clients experience due to professional errors on your part?

    Tell your Marathon Insurance broker about your professional practice. We assess the risks you’re exposed to and recommend the right coverage amount and options to insure your practice. Compare quotes from leading E&O insurance providers, and get the coverage you need at the best rates.

  2. Build your E&O coverage:

    Your Marathon Insurance broker develops your fully customized errors and omissions insurance plan. Our goal is an E&O insurance policy that’s as unique as your professional practice. We help ensure business continuity with liability coverage that lets you focus on client service.

    As your trusted risk advisors, we provide ongoing support to help you mitigate liability exposures and ensure your practice is fully protected in the event of a claim. Enjoy peace of mind with long-term coverage and risk prevention support.

  3. Access your E&O insurance:

    Did a client suffer loss and is now threatening legal action? Call your dedicated Marathon Insurance broker to determine your next steps.

    Use the Marathon app to access and upgrade your coverage, file a claim, and get 24/7 support. Marathon is here for every professional milestone and challenge, providing expert assistance so you can focus on rebuilding and growing your practice.

Do I Need E&O Insurance?

Secure Your Professional Future

Common Liability Claims

E&O insurance protects you, your work, and your reputation. Discover the most comprehensive financial protection from the most common liability allegations, including:

  • Misrepresentation
  • Breach of professional services or the legal standard of care
  • Wrongful business practices
  • Misleading advice
  • Conflict of interest.

In the event of a claim by a client alleging these negligent acts, E&O insurance covers the costs of protecting your practice, such as legal defence, judgments and settlements, and fines or penalties.

Customized Coverage for Professionals

In an increasingly specialized world, we look to professionals for both essential and unique services. Errors and omissions insurance protects the professionals that make these possible.

  • Architects, engineers, and design professionals
  • Media and creatives
  • Tech providers
  • Property managers
  • Medical and dental care providers
  • Financial and management consultants
  • Brokers and other value-added services.

Your E&O Insurance Coverage

Liability Protection for Professionals and Experts

Your professional practice is built on your unique expertise. Your errors and omissions coverage should reflect that, and provide liability protection tailored to the unique risks in your industry and location. Let’s build your customized E&O insurance coverage:

Professional services

E&O insurance covers damages you may be held liable to pay in the event of a negligent act, error or omission you were alleged to have committed in the performance of professional services

Vicarious liability

Covers losses that you may be obligated to pay as a result of vicarious liability stemming from the actions and errors committed by an employee, contractor, or agent rendering a professional service as part of your practice.

Failure to supervise

Refers to liability arising from your failure to supervise the performance of a professional service, for which a client may claim negligence or breach.

Regulatory investigation

E&O insurance covers the cost of your legal defence, along with fines or penalties as part of an investigation into an error or wrongful act.

Marathon Protection

We Protect Your Professional Reputation

At Marathon Insurance, we share your commitment to upholding trust and confidence. We’re here to help nurture the trust clients place in your expertise — and fix gaps that may result in negligence or violation of the standard of care professionals must uphold.

Let’s protect your professional practice with the right errors and omissions insurance coverage. Get 24/7 customer support for liability claims and risk management, and focus on what you do best as an expert in your field.

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