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Tenant Insurance in Toronto

Tenant Insurance

Tenant Insurance

Your Lease, Fully Covered

Do you really need to protect something you don’t own? Unlike owners, tenants don’t have to worry about property maintenance and major repairs — they’re the responsibility of the landlord to do. But everything you own is yours to protect. You need tenant insurance to cover the contents of your rented home — the essentials and personal belongings you need to live.

Tenant Insurance by Marathon

Let’s Protect You and Your Personal Property

It doesn’t matter that you don’t own the home you’re living in. Tenant insurance protects you as if you do. It’s not an unnecessary expense on top of your monthly lease — it’s an investment in the life you value, including the amenities you enjoy from renting. It only takes one accident to damage your rental unit and personal property — and even be held liable by your landlord.

At Marathon Insurance, we work to protect tenants and make renting safe and sustainable. You deserve the financial protection against hazards that every homeowner faces. Our team of insurance brokers work with major insurance providers to obtain the most competitive quotes, and tailor a tenant insurance policy to your lifestyle and budget. Our guarantee is comprehensive protection for everything you own and value — including the convenience of renting.

How It Works

Get Your Personalized Tenant Insurance Quote

  1. Get a quote: Tell us about the place you’re renting. Your dedicated Marathon Insurance broker will source quotes from major providers to provide you with the best coverage options at the most competitive rates.
  2. Tailor your coverage: We build your personalized tenant insurance plan. We equip you with both standard coverages and additional options based on your lifestyle and budget.
  3. Manage your policy: Use the Marathon app anytime to file a claim, request support, and access your policy.

Yes, You Need Tenant Insurance

What Your Landlord Doesn’t Cover

Your landlord has a responsibility to you: maintain the rental property in good condition, and ensure it is livable. While they can repair or rebuild the building after a fire or natural disaster and ensure you have a living space to come back to, it won’t be much of a life without your belongings. Your landlord’s insurance only covers damage to the building. All other losses and damages are yours to cover:

Personal items

Repair and replacement of furniture, electronics, appliances, jewelry, and other personal property.


If someone is injured inside your rental unit, you may be held liable for medical and other expenses. If your actions or lifestyle habits cause damage to the property and extends to other units and common areas, you may be found liable and ordered to pay damages to your landlord.


Depending on your rental agreement, you may be allowed to install minor upgrades to your unit, but any damage to them is not covered by your landlord.

While tenant insurance is often not mandatory, your landlord may require or encourage you to have one. Landlords can also use this to screen potential tenants. As a tenant, taking this precaution shows the landlord that you are a responsible resident, and value your rented home.

Tenant Insurance Coverage

Protection for Your Rented Home

What does tenant insurance cover? How do I know what damages are covered by my policy, and those by my landlord? I’m already paying rent, so why do I have to pay more to live here? At Marathon Insurance, we know all about the questions tenants have. Your Marathon insurance broker is here to help.

Your dedicated Marathon insurance broker takes you through every aspect of your tenant insurance policy. We help you understand the value of protecting everything in your home — even when it’s rented. Learn how we tailor coverage options to your needs, lifestyle, budget, and help you get the best value tenant insurance.

Standard Tenant Insurance Coverage

Contents and Personal Property

Covers everything you own in your rental unit, including furniture, electronics, appliances, and valuables damaged or lost due to insured hazards like fire and theft, within specified coverage limits.

Personal Liability

Provides financial protection in case you are found liable for damages or injuries suffered by someone visiting your unit.

Temporary Living Expenses

Helps you cover the cost of hotel rooms or a temporary rental and other related expenses in case of an insured loss that prevents you from occupying your rental unit.

Additional Coverage for Tenants

Replacement Cost Coverage

Covers the replacement of lost items, regardless of current value, despite depreciation over years of use

Cash Settlement

Receive a cash settlement for lost items, with no requirement to repair or replace them

Enhanced Water Damage

Cover extensive water damage to the contents of your rental unit caused by burst pipes, leaking appliances, freshwater flooding, and sewer backup.

Valuable Articles

Top up contents and personal property coverage limits to secure the full value of priceless collectibles and jewelry

Home Business

This endorsement covers damage to business property and income losses, as well as liability, provided that your business qualifies for home business coverage and you are allowed to operate it in your rental unit

Property in Storage

For tenants with more property than they can fit in a rented room or apartment, this coverage option protects additional items stored in a monitored and secured storage facility.

Marathon Protection

Making Renting Convenient and Secure

Marathon Insurance is here for all types of homeowners — including renters. Even when you don’t own your home, we’re here to help you protect it like you do. Our dedicated insurance brokers help you understand the value of tenant insurance in protecting both your personal property and lifestyle.

Your Marathon broker gets you the best coverage options at the most competitive quotes from major insurance providers. We’re here for you at every step of your tenant journey — from building your personalized tenant insurance plan, to filing your first claim. Trust us to obtain the best quotes and provide 24/7 support as we protect what’s yours.

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