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Landlord Insurance in Toronto

 landlord's Insurance

Landlord’s Insurance

Protection for Landlords and Rental Properties

Are you renting out a room, building, or even the occasional AirBnB?

Step up your rental property’s protection. Landlord’s insurance goes above and beyond a standard homeowner’s policy — it’s the best way to secure your property, cover damages, and guarantee long-term rental income potential.

Landlord’s Insurance By Marathon

Protect Your Rental Property

As a landlord, you manage rentals and property maintenance, particularly of common areas, shared amenities, and the building structure.

Earning rental income comes with the risk of financial loss — damages not covered by your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. The risk of damage from an uninsured loss, combined with lost rental income potential, can easily wipe out your entire investment.

At Marathon Insurance, our mission is to prevent that. We equip landlords with landlord’s insurance to protect rental properties. For the people you’re renting to, it’s their home; but for you, the property means income. We work with major insurance providers to obtain competitive quotes and tailor a policy crafted to your rental property and financial goals.

A comprehensive landlord’s insurance policy helps you secure both: the shelter you provide, and your long-term investment.

How It Works

Get Your Personalized Landlord’s Insurance Policy

  1. Get a quote: Tell us about your rental property — how many rooms or units you’re renting, location, amenities, lease price, and other essential information. Your Marathon Insurance broker will obtain quotes from major providers at the most competitive rates.
  2. Tailor your coverage: We equip your rental property with standard landlord’s insurance coverage, and customize your policy with coverage options based on your needs and financial goals.
  3. Manage your policy: File a claim, review your policy, and get dedicated 24/7 support through the Marathon app.

Why You Need Landlord’s Insurance

Secure Your Investment

Are you thinking of renting out your real estate investment? Don’t sign tenants without landlord’s insurance. It only takes one hazard — such as a fire or water damage — or a personal injury to suffer expensive damages and even lose future earnings.

What many don’t know is that a standard home insurance coverage is invalid on homes or rooms not occupied by the owner and rented out to a third party. Without landlord’s insurance, you’re responsible for any property damage, loss of contents, and personal liability issues that occur there.

If you have an existing mortgage on your rental property, your lender may require proof of landlord’s insurance to help guarantee your loan, and ensure the sustainability of your investment.

Landlord’s Insurance Coverage

Property Protection. Investment Security.

What does landlord’s insurance cover? Is it worth the investment? Does having landlord’s insurance help me attract and retain tenants? Your Marathon Insurance broker is here at every step, from building your custom insurance policy to every claim.

We help you learn about landlord’s insurance and your coverage options, so you can make an informed decision about securing your property. See how we tailor coverage to your exact needs, learn how you can get the best value for your policy.

Standard Rental Property Insurance


Covers physical damages to your rental property, including attached structures, including a garage or deck caused by named perils like fire, wind, or smoke.

Detached Private Structures

Extends your landlord’s insurance coverage to separate structures still on your property, such as a shed.


Protects you from the financial impact of a liability claim in the event that you are held responsible for bodily injuries and damages suffered by someone on your rental property.

Additional Coverage for Landlords

Rental Income

Recoup lost income with fair rental income replacement coverage if tenants are required to leave the property due to a covered loss, such as major repairs to the dwelling after a fire.

Enhanced Water Damage

Repair damages from extensive water damage caused by burst pipes, leaking appliances, storm waters, spring thaw, accumulated rain, freshwater flooding, and sewer backup.


Get repair and replacement coverage for appliances you own and provide as part of the rental. These include major appliances, such as the fridge, dryer, and stove, among others.

Marathon Protection

Made for Landlords and Rental Properties

At Marathon Insurance, we aim to support landlords in maximizing smart real estate investments. Our team of dedicated insurance brokers understands the generous returns and unique risks that landlords face when renting out a property. We’re here to help you make informed choices about protecting your property and securing your rental income.

Your Marathon Insurance broker helps you review and tailor coverage options to your needs and financial goals. We’re here for you — from the initial quote to every claim. Trust us to obtain the best quotes and the most competitive rates from the most reputable providers, and provide 24/7 support throughout your journey as a landlord.

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