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Cottage & Seasonal Property Insurance

Cottage and Seasonal Home Insurance

Cottage Insurance

Protect Your Seasonal Home

Whether you retreat to a cabin in the woods or soak up sun on a lakeside cottage, your home-away-from-home means instant vacations on holidays, weekends, and all season long. Keep your cottage safe and make every weekend retreat memorable with seasonal home insurance.

Seasonal Home Insurance by Marathon

Protection for Your Cabin, Cottage, or Secondary Home

A secondary home is both a well-deserved lifestyle and smart real estate investment. As with any investment, your home-away-from-home needs security, maintenance, and financial protection.

At Marathon Insurance, we value the good life and all the hard work you’ve put into affording it. We’re here to protect your cottage with seasonal home insurance, fully customized to your property, lifestyle, and budget. Lock in those vacation days with complete protection and peace of mind.

Your Marathon Insurance broker helps make every weekend retreat or summer vacation possible. From managing risks like extended periods of vacancy, to getting the most competitive insurance quotes, our guarantee is property protection tailored to your exact needs. Kick back and relax during cottage season, and head back to the city worry-free.

How It Works

Get a Personalized Cottage Insurance Quote

  1. Get a quote: Tell us about your cottage or cabin — the property size and value, how often you visit, and its location. Your Marathon Insurance broker will obtain the most competitive quotes from major providers at the lowest rates.
  2. Tailor your coverage: We design your fully personalized seasonal home insurance plan customized to your property and vacation habits. Get standard and enhanced coverage for maximum protection.
  3. Manage your policy: Download the Marathon app to file a claim, request 24/7 support, and access your policy.

Do I Need Seasonal Home Insurance?

Made for Secondary Homes

Unlike your permanent residence, your cottage is typically occupied much fewer days in a year — even going months without visits, especially when it’s not vacation season. Damages may not be detected and repaired right away, which can be costly. And with no one home year-round, break-ins can occur.

Seasonal home insurance offers distinct coverage from your standard homeowner’s policy. The building, appliances and furniture, and unique hazards at your seasonal home require their own tailored coverage options and limits. Rather than list your seasonal home as a secondary location on your homeowner’s policy, a standalone insurance coverage ensures full protection.

What Does Seasonal Home Insurance Cover?

Coverage Options for Cottages and Cabins

How much insurance coverage do I need? What types of damages are covered? How can I reduce the risk of severe damage due to part-time occupancy? We’re here to answer all your questions about securing your cottage. Your dedicated Marathon Insurance broker will walk you through the coverage options available and design an insurance policy that’s made for your home-away-from-home.

Standard Coverage for Cottages and Cabins

Dwelling Protection

Covers damages to your seasonal home, including attached structures like a garage or deck following an insured loss like fire, water damage, theft, vandalism, and falling objects.

Detached Private Structures

Covers other structures on your property, such as a shed or detached garage.

Personal Property

Covers the contents of your cottage, so you can restore the cozy, home-away-from-home feeling of every weekend retreat and summer vacation.

Additional Living Expenses

Get coverage for temporary living expenses while your cottage undergoes major repairs.


Provides financial protection in case you are held liable for an injury or damages suffered by someone at your cottage or cabin.

Additional Coverage to Consider

Watercraft and Recreational Vehicles

Add coverage for power boats, canoes, and sailboats, as well as campers and trailers.

Non-Residential Structures

If your cottage sits on a farm or is part of a business, get enhanced coverage to protect buildings used in farming and other ventures.


Get additional coverage for certain contents of your cottage, such as garden equipment and outdoor plants.

Enhanced Water Damage and Natural Hazards

Protect your seasonal home from sewer and septic tank back-up, fuel oil release, earthquake, and other perils.

Marathon Protection

Made for Your Home-Away-From-Home

Made especially for your cottage, seasonal home insurance offers distinct coverages for your holiday home, buildings, and its contents. Your dedicated Marathon Insurance broker works with major providers to craft your comprehensive seasonal home insurance policy. Our guarantee is a worry-free weekend stay, and a lifetime of memorable vacations in cottage country.

We obtain the best quotes and tailor coverages to your exact needs, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy every vacation at your home-away-from-home. Marathon is here for every weekend retreat and summer vacation — from crafting your unique cottage insurance policy, to filing your first claim. Call us today to get your first quote, get 24/7 customer support for all your cottage insurance needs.

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