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Commercial & Business Insurance in Toronto

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    Commercial Auto Insurance
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    General Liability
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Protecting Businesses in the Digital Age

Credit card payments, e-commerce, and cloud-based data storage — these are just some of the core tech investments businesses make in the digital age.

Businesses have to be smart about the technology and security measures they use. It only takes one hacking attempt or fraud to be implicated in privacy violations, cause damages to customers, and erode trust in your brand.


Protection From Professional Liability

Architects, engineers, doctors, developers, consultants — esteemed professionals we trust for a job well done and expert advice.

As a professional in these fields, you spent years training, earning licenses and certifications, and building a pristine reputation. An error in your professional judgment can be devastating to clients — and costly to you. Don’t let one incident define the rest of your career and legacy.


Protect Good Leadership

As company leaders, directors and officers are responsible for everything that happens under their watch — quality control, sales and revenue, customer experience, regulatory compliance, and more.

Negligence can quickly erode a legacy of good leadership. Companies look to their leaders to lead the charge, but they can’t with lawsuits in their way.


Make Every Harvest Bountiful

Farms sustain our communities. The crops you produce and the livestock you raise keep us fed and nourished through the years. Anything that grows in nature is susceptible to the risks in this constantly changing environment. Farm insurance helps protect every yield and ensure a bountiful harvest season.


Protect Your Business on the Road

It takes a reliable, regularly maintained fleet of trucks, vans, and cars to reach customers and grow your footprint. But even with regular safety checks and driving training, the road can be paved with unpredictable weather and even more unpredictable drivers.

For when your business goes the distance, you need protection for every mile of the journey. That’s where commercial auto insurance comes in.


For When Accidents Happen on the Job

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are on the job, accidents happen. Customers can get hurt, disaster strikes in your store, or faulty products are sold.

Mitigate these risks and plan ahead. Commercial general liability insurance helps you repair damages and correct errors without bankrupting your business.


Get Started on Your Success

Bakeries, restaurants, contractors, salons, convenience stores and more — local businesses like yours do a lot for the community. From offering essential goods and services, to creating jobs, you help put your neighbourhood on the map.

As an entrepreneur, your small business is your livelihood and pride and joy. Build its future and ensure its success with insurance made for your small business.


Commercial Insurance

Protection for Business. Protection for Your Life’s Work.

As a business leader, you are at the forefront of innovation. Your ability to create the next big product or design a major service and successfully bring it to market speaks volumes of your success.

With your investment comes risks you need protection from to secure your legacy – that’s why commercial insurance is vital.

Protect Your Business with Marathon

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Commercial insurance is your best line of defence against market change, shifting consumer patterns, production losses, and other risks that impact the bottom line.

At Marathon Insurance, we’re business owners and market leaders, too. That’s why we have made it our mission to help ensure business continuity and growth. With competitive quotes from our trusted partners, we can set up your business for resilience and success. Whether you run a small business, a large corporation, a farm, or other enterprise, we help you protect your assets, revenue, and key leaders.

Types of Commercial Insurance

Coverage for Every Business

  • Small Business: Get comprehensive property, liability, and business interruption coverage made for small businesses, and made to be affordable.
  • General Liability: Protect your business from financial exposure and impact of liability claims, and secure customer trust along with your bottomline.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Cover company cars, delivery trucks, vans, commercial use trailers, and other fleet vehicles you use to reach customers in case of accidents, injury, or death.
  • Farm Insurance: Protect your farm and livestock against farm-related liabilities, and ensure a bountiful harvest every season.
  • Directors & Officers: Covers corporate leadership and their personal assets in case they are personally sued by employees, vendors, customers, and others for alleged wrongful acts in managing a company.
  • Errors & Omissions: Protect your company from liability claims arising from allegations of professional negligence to secure your position as a market leader.
  • Cybersecurity: Protect your business in a rapidly evolving digital world where data breaches of sensitive customer information can occur and for which you may be held liable.

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