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Commercial General Liability Owning a business is a major investment both of your time and money. To be certain that your hard work is properly covered, talk to one of the representatives at Marathon Insurance Group. We can help you select the right insurance policy for your business. At Marathon Insurance Group, our goal is to remove the stress regarding potential liabilities so that your company can pursue its objectives without hesitation. Business insurance can help companies attain goals knowing that if some type of loss occurs, it can be overcome with minimal financial exposure. A business insurance policy can protect your company in a multitude of ways. Not only will your organization be protected against natural disasters, fires and theft, but you will also be covered should a lawsuit arise. Commercial Auto Insurance Commercial auto insurance provides insurance for your commercial vehicles. Whether you own a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles such as cars, trucks, vans and commercial use trailers, you need insurance protection in the event of a loss. Commercial auto and fleet Insurance offers financial protection in case you or your drivers are involved in an accident on the job. Commercial Auto Insurance offers coverage for incidents causing damage to your vehicles, the property or vehicles owned by others, or injury or death of drivers. Commercial Property Insurance Commercial property insurance is a necessity for any business owner. Whether you own your building, lease a workspace, or work from home, commercial property insurance is a crucial investment. It offers protection for the physical assets of your business. Coverage may protect against loss and damage caused by a wide range of incidents like theft, fire, smoke, water, explosions, earthquake, flood, vandalism and business interruption. Commercial property insurance can also include items like your company’s building, contents, equipment, inventory, and outdoor fixtures. Whether your business is small or large, commercial property insurance is a vital part of ensuring the future of your business.

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