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Cybersecurity Insurance in Toronto

Cybersecurity Insurance

Cybersecurity Insurance

Protecting Businesses in the Digital Age

Credit card payments, e-commerce, and cloud-based data storage — these are just some of the core tech investments businesses make in the digital age.

Businesses have to be smart about the technology and security measures they use. It only takes one hacking attempt or fraud to be implicated in privacy violations, cause damages to customers, and erode trust in your brand.

Coverage Against Cyber Risk

Secure Your Digital Footprint

The convenience of digital payment and point-of-sale systems, databases, and communications platforms converges with increased risk. Login credentials and secure access portals can be compromised, or computers and smartphones stolen.

Cybersecurity insurance helps you manage these risks, and get ahead of vulnerabilities in your systems and databases. Protect your business with insurance that covers damages in the event of liability to customers and affected parties. Get the support you need to restore customer trust, resume normal operations, and succeed in the digital age.

Invest in Cybersecurity Coverage

Made by Marathon. Made for Today’s Businesses.

At Marathon Insurance, we recognize the immense value of digital platforms in reaching customers, collaborating, and innovating. We’re here to protect this hard work against the most damaging cyber risks.

Our team of insurance brokers assess the cybersecurity risks you’re exposed to, and tailor a cyber insurance policy to your unique needs. We partnered with leading insurance providers to equip you with the coverage you need, at the most competitive rates.

Protect Your Business with Cyber Insurance

The Smart Way to Do Business in the Digital Age

  1. Get a quote:

    Tell us about your business. What digital platforms, hardware, and operating system do you use? Do you accept credit card payments and online transactions? How do you store customer data?

    Your Marathon Insurance broker determines the risks you’re exposed to and recommends the coverage amount and options you need. Compare quotes from leading cybersecurity insurance providers, and get coverage tailored to your company’s size and industry.

  2. Build your cybersecurity policy:

    Your cybersecurity insurance coverage should be as unique as your business — fully customized to protect you from exposures in data collection and storage and other vulnerabilities.

    Our goal is customized, comprehensive insurance coverage for your financial protection against liability claims in the event of a breach and other damaging cyberattacks.

  3. Access your cyber insurance coverage:

    Did your company experience a breach or malware attack? Use the Marathon app to access your coverage, file a claim, and reach your insurance broker anytime.

    We handle the entire claims process and offer 24/7 support as you notify affected parties and fix gaps in your system. As your risk advisors, we offer risk management expertise to mitigate future cyber liabilities, ensure regulatory compliance, and uphold customer confidence.

Know Your Cybersecurity Risks

Combat Threats with Cyber Insurance Coverage

Do you know the risks your company is exposed to in the digital age? At Marathon Insurance, our mission is your complete financial protection. That includes helping you make smart technology investments to drive growth securely.

Data breach

and/or commercial information of clients, employees, vendors, shareholders, and other stakeholders

Hardware loss

Damage to or theft of devices containing proprietary data

Denial of service attack (DoS)

When a hacker floods your website with more traffic than it can handle, making it difficult for legitimate users to access your site


Misrepresentation of your company by a nefarious party in order to get customers to take action, such as opening a malicious attachment or providing payment information


Harmful software takes control of your devices to monitor user actions, keystrokes, and harvest confidential data


A nefarious software encrypts files to prevent you from accessing them, then demands payment for their recovery


A cybercriminal uses compromised credentials or hacks into a device in your network to access data, spread malware, or bypass your controls

Brute force

A hacker attempts to decode encrypted data by encoding as many password attempts as possible, which can shut down the system due to repeated errors.

Your Cybersecurity Insurance Coverage

Protect Your Tech. Protect the Way You Do Business.

Your cyber insurance coverage should be as unique as your business, and the risks you face. Get the exact coverage you need to protect your company against cyber risks, and secure the technology vital to your success:

Cyber liability

Provides financial protection in the event you are held liable for security gaps that enabled a network breach, and the resulting damages to stakeholders. Your cyber risk coverage includes legal defence costs, penalties and fines paid to regulatory governing bodies, and damages paid to affected parties.

Notification and breach remediation

Cybersecurity insurance covers the cost of notifying affected parties in a cyber attack.

Crisis management and forensic investigation

Covers the cost of public relations campaigns, forensic investigations, and breach response to mitigate damages to your company and affected stakeholders, and restore your reputation and customers’ confidence.

System restoration

Cyber risk coverage includes system and data restoration to recover proprietary assets damaged, corrupted, or compromised in a cyber attack.

Ransom payments

Cybersecurity coverage covers expenses related to retaining a professional negotiator and making ransom payments in the event of an extortion or ransomware attack.

Business interruption

Covers lost income and other costs incurred while your systems are offline or inaccessible following a breach.

Marathon Protection

We Protect Your Digital Investments

At Marathon Insurance, we’re here to help you embrace technology securely. Our insurance brokers advise you on the risks you’re exposed to in the digital age, and protect your business with cybersecurity insurance tailored to your risk exposure and industry.

Get 24/7 customer support throughout the claims process, and ongoing risk management in securing the technology you use and the data you collect. Succeed in today’s digital market with smart and secure use of technology.

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