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Farm Insurance in Ontario

Farm Insurance

Farm Insurance

Make Every Harvest Bountiful

Farms sustain our communities. The crops you produce and the livestock you raise keep us fed and nourished through the years. Anything that grows in nature is susceptible to the risks in this constantly changing environment. Farm insurance helps protect every yield and ensure a bountiful harvest season.

Farming with the Right Protection

Agriculture Insurance Protects Your Livelihood

When agriculture is your livelihood, you know just how rewarding and risky working the land can be. High crop yields and healthy livestock means there’s food on the table — not just on yours, but the communities you feed. But even the slightest change in climate patterns and soil conditions, or disruptions to your supply chain can cause a harvest to fail, or disease to claim livestock.

Whether your farm is family-owned, or company-run, farm insurance is here to protect your livelihood and the agricultural land you cultivate for a bountiful harvest every season. Farm insurance protects you from financial risk and loss caused by adverse weather, shifts in regulations, supply chain disruptions, and more.

Get the right coverage to weather low crop yields, property damage, and liability claims.

Let’s Protect Your Crops, Livestock, and Land

Support for Ontario’s Farmers

At Marathon Insurance, we salute farmers and all the hard work you do. We work with you to ensure a successful harvest, healthy crops and livestock, with protection for your assets and livelihood.

We partner with the leading names in farm insurance to cover agricultural land, mitigate the many risks you face, and protect you against farm-related disasters at the most competitive rates in the market. Get the support you need to grow healthy crops and livestock, and protect the legacy of rich and fertile land that’s been in your family for generations.

How Farm Insurance Works

Coverage for Agricultural Land and Livelihood

  1. Get a quote:

    Tell us about your farm. What crops do you grow and what livestock do you raise? Where is your farm located and how big is it? Have you experienced low crop yield or loss of livestock before?

    Your Marathon Insurance broker determines the risks your farm is exposed to. We obtain quotes from our partner providers and help you select the right coverage amount and options to protect your livelihood.

  2. Build your farm insurance coverage:

    Every farm is exposed to unique risks. Your farm insurance coverage should be unique to your farm — tailored to the region you work in, the crops and livestock you produce, and the risks you face.

    Your Marathon Insurance broker tailors your farm insurance coverage according to your needs. Our goal is a fully customized agriculture insurance policy and expert support in mitigating risks and preventing losses.

  3. Access your farm insurance:

    Use the Marathon app to access your policy anytime, review coverage, and handle your agriculture insurance claim. Trust your Marathon broker to handle the entire process and provide 24/7 support as you navigate challenges and improve productivity and produce quality.

Protection for Land and Livelihood

Made for Every Crop and Agricultural Investment

Whether you grow root crops and food staples, or fruits and specialty products, you need the right farm insurance coverage to protect you from risks of disaster and losses that plague even the healthiest crops and livestock. Marathon Insurance tailors farm insurance coverage for:

  • Field and row crop farms
  • Livestock and poultry farms
  • Dairy producers
  • Plant nurseries and greenhouses
  • Fruit orchards
  • Ranches
  • Vineyards and wineries, and other types of agribusiness.

Farm Insurance Coverage

For Property, Liability, and Farm Products

Farm insurance is an investment in every harvest, livestock, and agricultural product. Get the right agriculture insurance coverage customized to your region, agribusiness products, and risks faced with agricultural activities. Enjoy peace of mind and focus on making every harvest bountiful with these coverage options:

Farm structures

Barns, poultry houses, crop storage, and other structures are all essential to agricultural activities. Farm insurance covers damages and losses to these structures in case of disaster and helps you resume normal farming operations.


Farm insurance covers dwellings on your property, including your home and personal property. Protect both your family and business with comprehensive farm insurance coverage, so you can rebuild your home and livelihood together.


Damages and losses to essential equipment like farm trucks, tractors, ATVs and more can severely hamper agribusiness operations. Farm insurance offers financial protection from these risks, so you can repair or replace essential equipment.

Crop and livestock

Protect farm products with agribusiness coverage against losses due to natural disasters like hail, drought, and floods, and resulting revenue losses. Secure your livelihood and get the support you need to mitigate these risks in the future.

Farmer’s liability

Farm insurance offers financial protection against liability claims if you are held liable for injuries and property damage to a third party caused by normal farming operations. Enhance your coverage with pollution liability to shield your farm against claims of pollution generated by agribusiness operations.

Marathon Protection

Making Farms Sustainable. Keeping Communities Fed.

At Marathon Insurance, we’ve made it our mission to help farmers protect their land and agribusiness from the most common risks that derail a fruitful harvest. Call us today to get a quote, and unlock 24/7 support throughout the harvest season. Let’s protect your crops and livestock, and make your farm sustainable for generations.

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