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Small Business Insurance in Toronto

Small Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance

Get Started on Your Success

Bakeries, restaurants, contractors, salons, convenience stores and more — local businesses like yours do a lot for the community. From offering essential goods and services, to creating jobs, you help put your neighbourhood on the map.

As an entrepreneur in Toronto, your small business is your livelihood and pride and joy. Build its future and ensure its success with insurance made for your small business.

What is Small Business Insurance?

Protection Against Every Risk

With every investment comes risk. For small businesses, that means taking on a lot of that risk yourself — using your own savings, taking out a loan for an expansion, or even opening up your home to do business in. A costly repair, disaster, or downturn in sales can easily wipe out these personal investments. You need the right financial protection to recover from these losses and get your small business off the ground.

Small business insurance is your partner in growth. Made for small enterprises just starting out or serving local customers, this insurance coverage in Toronto offers comprehensive protection that every small business needs, at a cost you can afford.

While big brands are bankrolled by investors, small businesses like yours often rely on entrepreneurs like you. With small business insurance, you can mitigate risks of property damage and business interruptions, and cover the cost of third-party property damage, errors, and injuries.

Made for the Budding Entrepreneur

Invest in the Future of Your Small Business

Whether you’re in the start-up phase or you’ve recently expanded your customer base, your small business needs the right insurance coverage. Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind, so you can focus on growing your brand. Let your small business insurance take care of unforeseen events, including property damage, errors, and product issues.

At Marathon Insurance, we care about small businesses, and make every effort to support local. That’s why we make commercial insurance accessible to local entrepreneurs and small businesses like yours. Our insurance brokers in Toronto partner with major commercial insurance providers to tailor a policy to your needs and budget. Secure your business today to drive growth tomorrow.

How Small Business Insurance Works in Toronto

Affordable and Accessible Coverage

  1. Get a quote:

    Talk to a Marathon Insurance broker in Toronto about your small business. What industry are you in, and what products or services do you offer? Where are you located? How many employees do you have? How much is your annual revenue?

    We use this information to determine how much insurance you need to cover a loss or liability. Your Marathon insurance broker will help you compare the most competitive quotes and coverage options from our partner providers.

  2. Build your coverage:

    Your business is unique — and so should your coverage be. Get the right coverage amount and options in your small business insurance. The Marathon promise is a fully customized policy that protects your business, and helps drive future growth amidst the most common risks and setbacks in your industry.

  3. Manage your policy:

    Use the Marathon app to access your policy anytime. Get in touch with your insurance broker in Toronto, file a claim, and upgrade your coverage. We’re here for you and your small business at every step of the way — from start-up to growth, and every loss and recovery in between.

Coverage for Your Small Business in Toronto

Protection Today. Growth Tomorrow.

Small business insurance is every business owner’s lifeline: it’s designed to protect you and your budding enterprise in case of losses. Enjoy peace of mind with complete protection from liability claims, property damage, and business interruptions. Small business insurance helps pay for these, so you don’t have to.


Liability coverage helps your small business cover the cost of a claim, including legal fees and settlements. Choose a commercial general liability insurance plan, or opt for specialized coverages for professional, product, and cyber liabilities to protect your business in the event of a lawsuit.

Commercial property

Small business insurance covers you when it’s anything but “business as usual” — such as after a fire or other disaster. Cover damages to your storefront or office, and losses of equipment and tools. With the right coverage, you can replace these items, and recover in no time.

Business continuity

Small business insurance helps you plan ahead, giving your heirs or other named beneficiaries the resources they need to carry on, pay estate taxes, settle liabilities, and ensure a smooth transition.

Key employees

Keep your small business on stable financial footing with coverage for key employees in case of their unexpected passing or inability to work.

Employee benefits

Small businesses are built on trust, but it’s often hard for smaller brands to attract and retain the best and brightest. Big companies can usually afford to offer an attractive compensation and benefits package. Now, your small business can, too, and show employees they are valued for their contributions.

Marathon Protection

Supporting Your Small Business

At Marathon Insurance, we strive to make insurance coverage comprehensive and affordable. We’re here for you and your business — from your first major contract or sales record, to every unforeseen accident or disaster. Our goal is insurance coverage that protects your growing business, at a cost you can afford. Call us today to get a quote, and enjoy 24/7 support from your Marathon Insurance broker.

Small business insurance covers a range of risks that could cause your business financial loss. Small business insurance from Marathon Insurance provides liability coverage, commercial property coverage, coverage for employees and more.

Every business faces its own set of risks. It’s important to get the proper insurance coverage to protect your business from unforeseen events. Small business insurance helps avoid potential financial disasters caused by accidents or events that are beyond your control.

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