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Insurance Broker in Toronto

Insurance Broker in Toronto

Marathon Insurance Group

The Insurance Designed for Life in Toronto

As Canada’s biggest city and major business hub, living in Toronto means a fast-paced lifestyle amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, and a wealth of opportunities. From valuable homes and personal assets, to competitive commercial markets, living and working in Toronto is a lifetime investment — one you need to protect.

Your Insurance Partners in Toronto

We Protect What Matters to Life in the Big City

Live life in Toronto covered with Marathon Insurance. Our insurance brokers equip you with the insurance you need, fully customized to your lifestyle and financial goals.

We partner with leading insurance providers across Ontario to deliver the most flexible coverage options at the most competitive rates. Together, we protect every aspect of the life you love: your home, transportation, business, and the people you share these with.

Get a Personalized Insurance Quote

For Your Complete Coverage in Toronto

  1. Get a quote: Talk to a Marathon Insurance broker about the assets you need to protect. Compare quotes for home, auto, life, and commercial insurance from leading providers at the most competitive rates.
  2. Tailor your coverage: We recommend the coverage amount and options you need for complete protection from risk exposures. Trust your Marathon broker to tailor insurance to your needs and ensure comprehensive coverage for your assets.
  3. Access your coverage: Use the Marathon app to access your coverage, file a claim, and get ongoing risk management advice. We’re available 24/7 — for any emergency, and throughout the claims process, from documentation and benefit payout to future risk mitigation.

Our Insurance Solutions in Toronto

Coverage for Everything You Value

Home Insurance in Toronto

For Your Home and Real Estate Investment

Protect your property and the life you’ve built with coverage against fires, property crime, and other hazards.

  • Property damage to dwelling and personal property
  • Personal liability
  • Temporary living expenses.

Home Insurance for Every Toronto Homeowner

Your Marathon Insurance coverage helps you protect the structure and everything in it that truly makes it a home.

  • Homeowners: Made for Toronto’s real estate investors — residents of single-detached houses and townhomes
  • Condo: Cover gaps in your condo building’s master policy with coverage for everything inside your unit
  • Cottage: For your home-away-from-home cottage, cabin, or seasonal and secondary home and rental property
  • Tenant: Secure rental income with coverage for damages to your rental property and liability
  • Renters: Protect your personal property in your rented home.

Auto Insurance Coverage in Toronto

For Driving Along Highway Traffic and City Streets

Driving in a busy city like Toronto means always having to share the road — even at odd hours of the day, and amidst severe weather. Whether it’s your everyday commute to work, or you’re going away for the weekend, get coverage for when you’re behind the wheel.

  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Accident benefits, including medical expenses and lost income
  • Liability coverage for injuries and property damage caused to other drivers.

Auto Insurance for Every Toronto Driver

Get auto insurance coverage tailored to your ride, commute, and the risks you face on the road:

  • Car: Sedans, SUVs, and other personal use automobiles
  • Motorcycle: Touring bikes, cruisers, and standard motorcycles
  • Classic car: Vintage and collector models
  • Trailer: Towed trailers and campers
  • RV: ATVs, snowmobiles, and motorhomes
  • Boat: jet skis, yachts, sailboats, and other watercraft.

Life Insurance in Toronto

Essential Lifestyle Coverage

Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive life insurance coverage. Secure your loved ones and the life you’ve built in the event of your unexpected passing, disability, or critical illness.

  • Final expenses, including funeral costs and financial obligations
  • Income replacement
  • Charitable trust and family inheritance
  • Retirement and estate planning and taxes
  • Business continuity.

Life Insurance for Every Toronto Lifestyle

Get essential coverage for immediate needs, and build your financial legacy with smart investments.

  • Life Insurance: Select Term, Whole, or Universal life insurance with a guaranteed death benefit, and invest towards your retirement to ensure financial stability
  • Critical Illness: Your recovery should be your priority. Ensure income replacement and financial security following a critical diagnosis and throughout life-saving treatment
  • Disability: Earn a paycheque when a long-term disability puts you out of work for guaranteed financial security
  • Mortgage: Cover mortgage payments in the event of your passing or illness and keep your loved ones in the home they love
  • Group Benefits: Secure the future of your business with the best and brightest, thanks to a competitive life, disability, critical illness, and extended health and dental benefits package
  • Travel Insurance: Vacation worry-free with guaranteed emergency assistance wherever you are in the world.

Commercial Insurance in Toronto

For the Drivers of Canada’s Economy

Whether you run a small business, farm, major corporation, or non-profit, protect the important work you do against the financial impact of liability claims. Get the support you need to drive productivity, reduce risk, and foster future growth.

  • Liability coverage for legal fees, settlements, and fines
  • Lost revenue due to business interruption
  • Property damage and losses.

Commercial Insurance for Every Business

Get commercial insurance that works for you: covers damages and protects your finances while you rebuild trust in your brand and mitigate future risks.

  • Small Business: Complete property, liability, and business interruption coverage made affordable for local enterprises
  • General Liability: Covers customer and other third-party injuries and property damages
  • Commercial Auto Insurance: Accident benefits and liability and property coverage for your company fleet
  • Farm: Ensure a bountiful harvest with protection against agribusiness risks, including crop and livestock losses, and damage to dwelling and machinery
  • Directors & Officers: Foster confidence in company leadership with personal asset and liability protection amidst alleged wrongful acts
  • Errors & Omissions: Secure your professional reputation and practice against liability claims alleging negligence
  • Cybersecurity: Step up compliance with customer data collection and storage regulations, and protection against cyber risks.

The Marathon Guarantee

Get the Coverage You Need

Marathon Insurance is here to protect you and everything you value. Through our large network of insurance providers, we provide only the best coverage options at the most competitive rates, fully customized to your needs and financial goals. For over 30 years and counting, we have never wavered in our promise: flexible and affordable coverage, and new insurance solutions that grow with your changing needs.

  • All-in-one home and auto insurance bundles
  • Expert claims advice and processing
  • 24/7 customer support.

Take your coverage on the go. Download the Marathon app to access the protection you need, wherever life in Toronto takes you.

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