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Commercial General Liability Insurance in Toronto

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

For When Accidents Happen on the Job

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are on the job, accidents happen. Customers can get hurt, disaster strikes in your store, or faulty products are sold.

Mitigate these risks and plan ahead. Commercial general liability insurance helps you repair damages and correct errors without bankrupting your business.

Protection Against Accidents and Injuries

Commercial General Liability Keeps the Bottom Line Intact

Commercial general liability helps you make it right with customers and other people who were put in harm’s way as a result of operating your business. These include injuries and property damage that you may be held liable for.

Liability insurance offers financial protection and covers the cost of these damages, such as legal fees and settlements. Keep your bottom line intact, and your business on track for learning and growth.

Liability Insurance Has You Covered

Bring Back Customer Trust

Are you worried about customers getting injured or renovations damaging the next store? How about a data breach or a faulty product? As a business leader, you already have a lot to juggle — putting out these fires on your own shouldn’t be one of them.

Marathon Insurance is here to help. Our insurance brokers work with major insurance providers to equip your business with comprehensive general liability insurance. Our goal is a CGL insurance policy fully customized to the size of your business, level of risk, and industry. Cover damages right away, and focus on regaining customer trust to avoid impact on your bottom line.

How CGL Insurance Works

Mitigate Risk. Recover from Losses. Prevent Further Damages.

  1. Get a quote:

    Talk to a Marathon insurance broker about your business. Tell us what industry you’re in, the size of your business and number of employees, what products and services are offered, and more.

    We calculate the risks your company is exposed to, and determine how much liability insurance you need. Compare quotes from our partner insurance providers, and get the best rates and liability coverages.

  2. Build your CGL coverage:

    Trust your Marathon broker to tailor a CGL insurance policy that protects your business based on its size, industry, and level of risk. Through our extensive network of partners, we bring you only the best liability coverage options at the most competitive rates.

  3. File a claim:

    Use the Marathon app to access your CGL policy anytime. Review or upgrade your coverage limit and options, file a claim, and get 24/7 customer support. Trust your Marathon insurance broker to handle all the details and documents of every claim, so you can focus on restoring customer trust.

Does My Business Need General Liability Insurance?

A Quick Guide to Common Risks

  • Customers and other people visit your location, where they can be injured or their property is damaged during a service rush
  • You have a commercial lease or property, and operations or renovations can affect neighbouring properties
  • Your business runs ads and collects customer data
  • You sell products that may cause unintended harm.

General Liability Insurance Coverage

Risk Reduction and Loss Prevention

Safety protocols and security measures can only go so far. It pays to plan ahead and proactively protect your business from worst case scenarios. Whether you’re in the restaurant industry, construction, or professional services, you can count on CGL insurance to ensure that your business is shielded from the fallout of a liability claim.

Bodily injuries

General liability insurance covers costs related to third-party injuries. When customers, employees, maintenance personnel, vendors, and other visitors are injured as a result of your business operations, they may file a liability claim for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills. Cover these costs through your commercial general liability insurance.

Property damage

Liability insurance helps cover the cost of these damages and legal fees, so you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket, which can greatly hurt your bottom line especially if the damage is extensive.

Product liability

Even with rigorous testing and safety features, certain uses of products you sell may cause bodily injury and property damage, for which your business may be held liable. Commercial general liability insurance helps cover legal fees and damages.

Cyber liability

Protect your business against cyber risks like hacking and malware attacks. As business grows increasingly digital, make sure you have the right liability protection against cyber risks.

Personal and advertising injury

Your business may be held liable for false advertising claims, as well as libel, slander, disparagement or copyright infringements. Liability insurance helps cover legal fees and damages associated with these claims.

Umbrella liability

Do you have enough liability coverage? Avoid paying for liability claims out-of-pocket when you exceed your coverage limits. Umbrella liability equips you with additional coverage over and above your commercial general liability insurance for total peace of mind and financial protection.

Marathon Protection

We Secure Your Business Against Risks

At Marathon Insurance, we’re business leaders like you. We know the risks you navigate everyday and the protocols you’ve put in place to protect your investment and ensure its future growth. Our mission is your complete financial protection against these risks and liabilities, so you can focus on regaining customer trust and learning from accidents and errors.

Call us today to get a quote. Enjoy comprehensive commercial general liability insurance fully customized to your business and the unique risks you face. Get dedicated 24/7 customer support and risk prevention expertise from our insurance brokers.

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