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Term Life Insurance in Toronto

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Complete Coverage. Affordable Protection.

Life insurance protects your family’s future. To get the best value, you need to know when you need protection most — one that grows with you as the years go by and your needs change.

Term life insurance offers complete and affordable coverage during the most crucial periods of your life. Protect your loved ones when it matters most.

What is Term Life Insurance?

Fixed Premiums. Fixed Protection.

Whether you’re young and in the early days of your career, or your kids are grown and will be financially independent soon, term life insurance protects you and your loved ones when you need it most.

Term life insurance provides complete coverage at a fixed, affordable rate throughout the set term. Plan ahead and budget for financial protection with fixed premiums. Choose between a 10, 20, or 30-year term — a time when you are most productive, earning a steady income, and investing in the next chapter.

In case of your sudden passing, the policy provides a tax-free death benefit to your family or other named beneficiary to secure their financial future.

Is Term Life Insurance Right for Me?

Ask Your Marathon Broker

Term life insurance provides financial security throughout the most crucial periods in your life. From immediate expenses like monthly bills and funeral costs, to sustaining your home’s mortgage, setting up your children’s education fund, and keeping your business running, term life insurance offers financial protection when it’s needed most.

Is term life insurance right for you? Talk to a Marathon Insurance broker today. Let’s discuss your financial goals to see how term life insurance fits in your budget and lifestyle, and protects the people you love.

How Term Life Insurance Works

Protection When You Need It Most

Whether your kids are still young, or you have years to go on your mortgage, term insurance helps secure your family’s financial future when you are suddenly no longer able to. And because you only pay fixed premiums over a set term, it’s a realistic financial commitment to manage along with your other priorities.

  1. Get a Quote

    Talk to your Marathon Insurance broker about your family and financial obligations. We help you determine the best term length and coverage amount. Your term life insurance should cover you at your peak productivity to guarantee income replacement and financial protection when your family would need it most.

  2. Select Your Term

    Your Marathon broker obtains quotes from the most reputable providers to equip you with term life insurance at the most competitive rates. Choose your coverage amount and a 10, 20, or 30-year term for which you are covered. Customize your coverage with additional benefits to support you

  3. Flexible Claims and Renewals

    Download the Marathon app to access your policy, pay monthly or annual premiums, and track the term. When the term expires, your policy will automatically renew, or you can convert it to a longer or permanent term. Your family will receive a guaranteed, tax-free death benefit if you pass within the term. If you survive the term, celebrate long life by claiming your money back, or borrowing against the cash value of the policy.

Why Choose Term Life Insurance

The Smart and Affordable Choice

  • Affordable coverage: Many life insurance policyholders are unable to maximize the true value of their premiums. Term life insurance is an affordable, cost-effective alternative that ensures complete coverage for your family’s major expenses at a fixed rate that’s easy to budget for.
  • Crucial protection: When preparing for the unexpected, you don’t need to make a lifelong commitment — just when you need it most. Your life insurance should protect you when you are at the highest risk of suddenly leaving your loved ones behind. Depending on your age, that can happen within the next 10, 20, or 30 years. If your financial needs change, you can review your coverage after each term you survive.
  • Tax-free benefit: Plan your financial legacy. With a guaranteed, tax-free death benefit, you can rest assured that your family is on stable financial footing — the mortgage is paid, their education is provided, and the causes you support honour your memory.

Cost and Coverage

Get the Best Value for Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is the most affordable life insurance plan. Your Marathon Insurance broker works with you to ensure affordable coverage. We assess various lifestyle factors and present the most affordable fixed premiums based on your risk.

What Your Trailer Insurance Covers


Insurance is less expensive when you’re younger and healthier, so start young.


Your lifestyle, family medical history, and existing conditions provide a picture of your health, which indicates if you need more protection.


On average, females live longer than males, resulting in lower rates.


Your job exposes you to the risk of accidents and illness, which can affect insurance costs.

When Do I Need Term Life Insurance?

Most people put off getting a life insurance policy when they’re older and have more assets and people to protect. But everyone needs life insurance — and starting young and healthy often means lower premiums, on top of good financial sense. Consider these crucial milestones:

Starting a family

Life insurance provides income replacement to your loved ones and financial dependents.

Buying a home

Keep a roof over your family’s heads. Life insurance helps guarantee sustained mortgage payments and lifestyle expenses.


Plan for your family’s financial future. Obtain life insurance when you have kids to help guarantee their education and cover other major expenses like debt.

Marathon Protection

Life Insurance Made Smart

Your life insurance should protect you when it matters most. At Marathon Insurance, our brokers advocate for smart and affordable coverage. Securing your family’s financial future is our priority.

Through our large network of life insurance providers, we get you the best term life insurance coverage at the most affordable rates. Our guarantee is flexible protection that grows with you and your loved ones. Call us today to get your quote, and enjoy 24/7 support as we protect the ones you love most.

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