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Marathon Insurance Group

The Insurance Designed for Life

Protect what matters most to you. Keep your loved ones and everything you’ve worked hard for safe.

Find the right insurance policy to secure every aspect of your life — the place you call home, car, business and investments, and the people you share them with. Choose from the most renowned and trusted providers in Canada to help you secure and rebuild everything you value.

Why Choose Us?

We Get You Better Coverage

Marathon Insurance is your one-stop destination for all your insurance needs: we help you protect every aspect of your life. As a leading insurance broker, we have successfully cultivated partnerships with major insurance providers and countless clients to provide the best coverage options at the most affordable rates. For over 30 years now, our insurance brokerage is committed to evolving and adding new insurance products, delivering excellent solutions to every client.

  • All-in-one home and auto insurance bundles
  • Fast claims processing
  • 24/7 Customer and claims support.
Insurance coverage
Digital insurance solutions

Digital Insurance On-The-Go

Customize and Manage Your Policy With Cutting-Edge Tech

We know your needs can change in an instant. File claims, contact claims support, and add coverage options and benefits with just a quick tap. Take your insurance on-the-go, and enjoy peace of mind with hassle-free access to complete financial and property protection.


What Our Customers Say

See what Marathon customers say about our insurance products, claims support, and commitment to your comprehensive coverage.

Client testimonials
James Spider
James SpiderOntario, Canada

Never have there been an insurance company that works as quickly and effectively for customers like this. Securing my insurance took faster than other companies. Amending it took a fifth as long as compared to the other companies.

Gabriel Gomori

I had the most informative conversation with this broker, namely John M. who shed light onto the many issues one should be aware of when purchasing an insurance policy. No sales pressure, rather eye-opening facts that stem from our ever-more litigious society. Thank you!

Tom Kapnoutzis

Great service and amazing prices!

They always have time to provide advice.


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