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Whole Life Insurance in Toronto

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

Financial Protection that Works for You

All types of life insurance prepare you and your loved ones for the unexpected. But not all types depend on your passing. You deserve to reap the fruits of your hard work, and pass on your legacy worry-free. Whole life insurance provides not only a guaranteed death benefit, but maximizes your investment to grow your financial future.

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Guaranteed Benefits in Your Lifetime

Life insurance is meant to protect your loved ones when you are suddenly no longer able to provide for them and secure their financial future. In most cases, the benefit can only be claimed in the event of your passing. But with whole life insurance, you don’t have to pass on to unlock financial benefits.

  • Guaranteed tax-free death benefit paid out to your loved ones
  • Accumulate a cash value to invest into a new property
  • Offset estate taxes for properties passed on to heirs
  • Pay off your premiums within a set period to lock in your base coverage.

Is Whole Life Insurance Right for Me?

Ask Your Marathon Insurance Broker

Whole life insurance puts you in a prime financial situation to secure both the next chapter of your life, and your loved ones’ future in the event of your passing. It’s financial protection that works for you and grows your investment. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work, and pass on an even greater legacy to your heirs.

Is whole life insurance your best option? Talk to your Marathon Insurance broker today. We’re your partners in financial protection and investment growth. Let’s unlock benefits you’ve saved up for your next big investment, and grow the value of your gift to your loved ones.

How Whole Life Insurance Works

Your Personalized Insurance and Investment Plan

  1. Get a Quote

    Tell your Marathon Insurance broker about your financial goals. Tell us how you would like to protect your loved ones, as well as how you plan on spending the next chapter of your life, such as retirement. Learn about the benefits of whole life insurance and see if it’s right for you.

  2. Build Your Policy

    Everyone has different financial needs and goals — and your whole life insurance policy should reflect that. Your Marathon Insurance broker provides you with base and tailored coverage options from our partner insurance providers at the most competitive rates. Select your coverage amount, the term for levelling premiums, and dividend options for unlocking benefits both in your lifetime and death. Our guarantee is a fully customized whole life insurance plan that reflects your financial goals.

  3. Claim Benefits

    Use the Marathon app to access your policy, pay premiums, and withdraw or allocate accumulated cash value. Talk to your Marathon Insurance broker anytime to review or upgrade your coverage, track dividend growth, and unlock both living and death benefits for you and your heirs.

Use Your Whole Life Insurance

Permanent Protection. Flexible Benefits.

Whole life insurance is a flexible financial protection and investment plan. With both tax-free death and living benefits, you can meet your and your loved ones’ financial needs within your lifetime and upon your passing.

Death Benefits

  • Final expenses coverage
  • Income replacement
  • Estate planning to reduce estate taxes on assets inherited by heirs and payable taxes on your RRSP
  • Charitable gift.

Living Benefits

  • Income replacement following a critical illness or disability
  • Supplemental income in retirement
  • Cash withdrawal for major investments, such as acquiring property or starting a business.

Your Whole Life Policy

Permanent Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a smart investment in your and your loved ones’ financial future. With both death and living benefits, you can plan your finances to ensure both income replacement and a financial supplement — whether you are still around to reap the benefits of your hard work, or you intend on passing on this financial legacy to your loved ones. See your guaranteed insurance and investment plan in action.

Level premiums

Pay off your insurance premium in a single payment, within 10 or 20 years, or up to 100, and you won’t have to pay afterwards. Your base coverage is locked in, and your policy remains active until your death.

Permanent coverage

Enjoy lifetime protection — your policy does not expire or need to be renewed. You and your heirs are guaranteed living and death benefits that are not limited to a certain period.

Cash value

Access the accumulated benefits in your policy anytime, whether for unexpected and emergency expenses, a new property or venture, or income supplement. Your whole life insurance policy accumulates cash value with every premium paid overtime. Ensure to pay back the withdrawn amount to retain the same death benefit paid out to your heirs.

Estate planning

Allocate the accumulated cash value remaining in your policy to increase the benefit paid out to your beneficiaries. Offset the impact of estate taxes, and preserve your assets to ensure your legacy lives on throughout future generations.

Potential dividends

Depending on your policy and insurance provider, you may also earn dividends on your whole life insurance. Insurance providers typically allocate a portion of premiums to investments, making you eligible to receive earnings through direct cash payments, additional insurance coverage, reduced premiums, and automatic deposits to an annually compounded interest-earning account.

Marathon Protection

Insurance that Works for You

Your life insurance should grow with you and your loved ones’ changing needs. You deserve lifelong protection that works twice as hard as you do to protect your family. At Marathon Insurance, we’re here to equip you with whole life insurance that offers financial security and growth to respond to your changing circumstances.

Our guarantee is a whole life insurance plan that allows you to enjoy the fruits of your hard work and grows your financial legacy until it’s passed on. With a vast network of partner insurance providers, we can get you the right coverage fully customized to your needs and lifestyle. Call us today to get a quote and discuss your financial goals in protecting the ones you love most.

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