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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance in Toronto

Directors and Officers Insurance

Directors and Officers Insurance

Protect Good Leadership

As company leaders, directors and officers are responsible for everything that happens under their watch — quality control, sales and revenue, customer experience, regulatory compliance, and more.

Negligence can quickly erode a legacy of good leadership. Companies look to their leaders to lead the charge, but they can’t with lawsuits in their way.

Insurance Made for Leaders

Protect Great Power and Responsibility Against Liability

D&O insurance covers executives in the event of a lawsuit brought directly against them, citing their decisions and actions as company leaders. Here’s how:

  • Liability coverage: Coverage for legal fees, including defence costs and settlements
  • Financial protection: Extends coverage to personal assets, which would otherwise be used to cover liability
  • Business continuity: Preserves confidence in company leadership and protects their ability to lead amidst allegations of wrongful acts committed in their capacity.

D&O Insurance by Marathon

Insurance Brokers Who Understand Good Leadership

While companies invest in organizational risk mitigation and loss prevention, what they often don’t account for is the risk faced by company leaders themselves.

At Marathon Insurance, we value good leadership. That’s why we help companies protect corporate leaders with directors and officers insurance.

We offer D&O insurance to help executives cover their personal financial liability when indemnification does not apply. Our insurance brokers help determine risks directors and officers face, and equip them with liability coverage. We help you ensure business continuity by protecting the people leading the charge and driving your company’s success.

Secure Company Leaders Against Risk

How D&O Liability Insurance Works

  1. Get a quote:

    Are you a CEO or member of the board of directors? Have you been named in a lawsuit before — or know that a suit can be brought against you? Talk to a Marathon Insurance broker.

    Tell us about your role as a company leader, the decisions you make, and the standards you are accountable to. We determine the risks you are exposed to and advise you on the liability coverage you need.

  2. Build your D&O coverage:

    Your Marathon broker is a trusted partner of the most reputable D&O insurance providers. Compare quotes and coverage options from our partners.

    We help you select the right coverage limits and policy options to ensure comprehensive coverage against legal action. Enjoy the protection of fully customized directors & officers liability insurance tailored to your industry, role, and risk exposure.

  3. File a claim:

    Get expert professional advice on your D&O insurance coverage anytime. Use the Marathon app to access and review your coverage, file a claim, and get in touch with your insurance broker. We handle every liability claim and ensure you get the support you need to right the ship and preserve good leadership.

D&O Insurance Coverage

Risk Reduction. Loss Prevention. Confidence in Leadership.

Success is a total team effort. Even good leaders need the right support to be effective.

This includes protection from actions that threaten the legacy they’ve built and the successes they’ve delivered with utmost passion, commitment, and expertise. Avoid high turnover and business interruptions with the right D&O liability coverage:

Personal asset protection

When directors and officers are named in a lawsuit alleging negligence or breach of duty, it comes with heavy financial costs, including legal fees and settlements. Without D&O insurance, executives are forced to handle the financial liability on their own.

Claims protection

Get the right liability coverage for civil, criminal, judicial, administrative, regulatory, or arbitration proceedings. Directors and officers insurance helps cover these costs to secure your organization’s financial health.

Workplace and employment protection

D&O liability coverage provides financial protection when leaders are held liable for breach of fiduciary duty, and allegations of harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination.

Who Needs D&O Insurance

Made for Leaders. Made for Business Relationships.

D&O insurance protects public, private, and non-profit leaders at the forefront of cultivating business relationships with customers, employees, shareholders, stakeholders, vendors, and other third-party entities who may allege wrongdoing in management.

Common Liability Claimants Against Directors and Officers

Regulatory entities

For charges of misappropriation of grants and other funds


Claims of misrepresentation of monetary donations


Allegations of misrepresenting an organization’s financial health, resulting in losses to them

Suppliers and vendors

Claim damages from breach of contract or other obligations that were unfulfilled, resulting in financial losses to them


Lawsuits alleging misconduct and failure to mitigate harmful acts that result in damages to them


Allegations of discrimination, workplace harassment, or wrongful termination


Claim misrepresentation of an organization’s financial health and losses if it is unable to repay debts.


Allegations of patent and trade secret infringement.

Marathon Protection

Securing Leaders Today for Future Success

At Marathon Insurance, we know that good leaders make all the difference — and we’re here to protect them. We help you secure the future of your company, starting with the experts driving this mission.

Call us today to get a quote for comprehensive directors and officers insurance. Get 24/7 support, so you can focus on what you do best: delivering success and growth through innovative leadership.

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