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Commercial Auto Insurance in Toronto

Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Protect Your Business on the Road

It takes a reliable, regularly maintained fleet of trucks, vans, and cars to reach customers and grow your footprint. But even with regular safety checks and driving training, the road can be paved with unpredictable weather and even more unpredictable drivers especially in Toronto and across the GTA.

For when your business goes the distance, you need protection for every mile of the journey. That’s where commercial auto insurance comes in.

Insurance Coverage for Commercial Vehicles

For Delivery Trucks, Service Vans, Cars, and More

For Marathon Driving by Commercial Vehicles

Fleet Insurance Coverage by Marathon

Commercial vehicles need commercial auto, or fleet insurance. This is different from the one your personal car has. A personal auto insurance policy won’t be able to cover vehicles used for business, so make sure your commercial vehicles are properly protected every time they’re on the road.

Marathon Insurance is here to help you protect some of your company’s most valuable assets. Make the smart decision when you equip trucks and company cars with fleet insurance insurance.

We partnered with leading insurance providers in Toronto and across the GTA to give you the best coverage options for your fleet, at the most competitive rates in the market. We’re here for every mile of the journey — from warehouse to store to customers, and back.

How Commercial Vehicle Insurance Works

Fleet Safety. Fleet Success.

  1. Get a quote:

    Tell us about your commercial vehicles. What types of vehicles does your company use? What’s their make and model? How far do they travel? What are they used for?

    Your Marathon Insurance broker helps determine how much coverage your fleet needs based on their activity and the risks they’re exposed to on the road. We help you compare quotes from leading commercial auto insurance providers in Toronto and across the GTA. Our goal is maximum protection at the best value.

  2. Build your coverage:

    Now that we have the building blocks, it’s time to tailor your commercial auto insurance policy. Your Marathon broker helps you choose the coverage options you need to protect your fleet.

    With a fully customized commercial auto insurance policy, we help you reduce the financial risk of accidents and adverse road conditions when you’re out making deliveries, transporting equipment, and traveling between job sites.

  3. Protect your fleet:

    Got in an accident and need to file a claim in Toronto? Do it right away — even from the road. Use the Marathon app to access your commercial vehicle coverage and contact your Marathon Insurance broker. With 24/7 support, we can help you file a claim with just a few taps, while we handle all the paperwork.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

Show Up to Work. Reach Customers. Deliver Success.

Commercial auto insurance is your companion for the road ahead — through every order delivery, product shipment, equipment transport, and passenger ride. Make every trip routine: safe, on-time, and reliable, and protect your investment and bottom line with the right insurance coverage. Discover comprehensive coverage made for every commercial vehicle:

Damage or loss to your commercial cars

Get the coverage you need to repair damages to delivery trucks and other service vehicles right away. The faster these repairs are done, the sooner you can get back on the road.

Liability coverage

Commercial auto insurance covers liability claims against you and your commercial vehicles. This includes legal fees, damages, and accident benefits paid out to an affected third party for their injuries or death and damage to their vehicle.

Accident benefits

Commercial auto insurance provides accident benefits to cover medical and other treatment expenses while they recover, or funeral expenses in case of their death. With the right coverage, you can ensure employee safety when their job takes them on the road.

Fleet coverage

Protecting your company’s assets is an investment, but it shouldn’t be expensive. Does your Ontario-based business use five or more commercial vehicles? Register your commercial vehicles as a fleet to save on commercial auto insurance. Fleet insurance provides flexible coverage: company employees can drive any vehicle registered in the fleet, as long as they’re licensed.

Collision and comprehensive coverages

These cover commercial vehicles damaged in a collision with another vehicle or object, less the deductible.

Uninsured motorist

Typically, if another driver is found at fault, their auto insurance should cover damages to your vehicle. But if they are not covered or it’s insufficient, your commercial vehicle insurance can step up to cover the damages, such as injuries and property damage.

Roadside assistance

Engine problems or flat tire and can’t make it to your destination without a tow or other emergency roadside service? Your commercial auto insurance policy covers roadside assistance, so couriers can make their delivery and minimize delays and losses.

Marathon Protection

Coverage for Every Mile of Business

A single accident can hamper operations, causing production and shipment delays, unfulfilled orders and deliveries, and lost customer trust.

Marathon Insurance is here to protect the vehicles that deliver your company’s success. Our promise is a fully customized fleet insurance plan that protects your entire fleet through every mile of the journey.

Call us today to get a quote, and unlock 24/7 customer support and ongoing risk prevention by our industry experts.

Commercial auto insurance protects you and your vehicle from unforeseen events. It provides coverage for vehicle occupants and those outside the vehicle who are injured in an accident, as well as damage to vehicles and the property of others.

Commercial fleet insurance is for businesses with a large number of vehicles. It offers the same coverage as commercial auto insurance policies do.

If you have vehicles used for any of the following, you need commercial auto insurance:

  • Business purposes
  • Taxi service
  • Driver training
  • Courier services
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