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Home Insurance

Whether you own or rent, live in a two-story house or high-rise condo, your home and its contents are likely among your biggest investments, and our #1 priority is to make sure you are properly protected.

Whether you have recently purchased a home or have lived in the same house for generations, it’s important that you have adequate homeowner’s insurance coverage. When you contact us at Marathon Insurance Group, you can feel confident that you have one of the top home insurance plans available in Canada.

Property insurance policies not only provide coverage to your home and contents for fire, theft, and other hazards, it also covers accidental injuries that someone may suffer as a result of an incident on or away from your residence, or accidental damage you may cause to the property of others. It will also cover additional living expenses if you are unable to reside at your residence as a result of an insured loss.

Best of all, the professionals at Marathon Insurance Group will work with you to custom tailor a home insurance policy to fit your specific needs. Every home and homeowner is different, and we believe your home insurance should reflect that.

Finding the best rates is important; however getting the proper home insurance is more than just finding the best rate. At Marathon Insurance Group, we take the time to explain what you are purchasing and how this can benefit you in the future. We all hope that we never fall victim to a house fire, break in, or other unfortunate event. The cost difference between a “basic” policy and a “comprehensive” policy is minimal and will make a world of a difference when or if the time comes that you need to call on that policy.

Home Insurance is a tool that is used by most homeowners to protect their homes and possessions from unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the homeowner’s control. It provides homeowners with the peace of mind knowing that their most expensive investment is safe in the event of damage to their property.

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