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Home & Property Insurance in Toronto

  • Cottage
  • Condo
  • Landlords
  • Tenant
  • Homeowners

Protect Your Seasonal Home

Whether you retreat to a cabin in the woods or soak up sun on a lakeside cottage, your home-away-from-home means instant vacations on holidays, weekends, and all season long. Keep your cottage safe and make every weekend retreat memorable with seasonal home insurance.


Protecting High-Rise Living

Condos are the future of standard homeownership, thanks to convenient locations, building amenities, and compact living spaces in bustling districts. Enjoy everything you love about condo living with insurance that protects your place up in a high-rise.


Protection for Landlords and Rental Properties

Are you renting out a room, building, or even the occasional AirBnB?

Step up your rental property’s protection. Renters insurance goes above and beyond a standard homeowner’s policy — it’s the best way to secure your property, cover damages, and guarantee long-term rental income potential.


Your Lease, Fully Covered

Do you really need to protect something you don’t own? Unlike owners, tenants don’t have to worry about property maintenance and major repairs — they’re the responsibility of the landlord to do. But everything you own is yours to protect. You need tenant insurance to cover the contents of your rented home — the essentials and personal belongings you need to live.


For Your Loved Ones. For Your Biggest Investment. For the Life You Built.

For most Canadians, climbing the property ladder is the single largest investment they make — and the most vital to sustaining family life. More than a roof and four walls, a home is both a place and a feeling: your sanctuary and personal centre, and security and peace with the ones you love and share it with. You need to protect both — the dwelling and everything it stands for.


Home Insurance

For the Place You Call Home

Comprehensive Property Coverage

Whether you own or rent, live in a quiet neighbourhood or a bustling high-rise, your home — the dwelling, personal touches, and the people you share it with — requires complete protection. There is no place you and your loved ones should feel safer than your own home.

Protect Your Home

Home Insurance by Marathon

At Marathon Insurance, we share your devotion to protecting the life you have built. Our insurance brokers are dedicated to providing the most competitive home insurance quotes from Canada’s trusted insurance providers. Each property is unique, and every homeowner has specific lifestyle and coverage needs — your home insurance policy should reflect that. Our guarantee is coverage tailored to your property and lifestyle.

Protection for What Matters Most

Home Insurance Coverage

Whether you have lived in the same property for generations, or you’re moving into your dream house, our guarantee is comprehensive home insurance coverage that secures your investment.

  • Repair of the dwelling and detached structures
  • Replacement of contents lost to fire, theft, and other hazards
  • Personal liability coverage for accidental damage or injury caused to a third party
  • Temporary living expenses.

Home Insurance for Every Homeowner

Coverage Type by Property

Where you live and the place you call home matters. As a homeowner, you have specific assets to protect, and a lifestyle to preserve. Enjoy peace of mind tailored to your unique home.

  • Homeowners: For when you own a single-detached house, duplex, or townhome, get comprehensive repair and replacement coverage for your entire dwelling.
  • Tenant: Get repair and replacement coverage for damages not covered by your landlord, including your personal belongings and personal liability.
  • Renters: Protect your rental property from structural damage and losses, and get increased liability coverage to secure your rental income.
  • Condo: Designed for high-rise dwellers, protect your unit’s interiors and contents from hazards that damage your living space or the entire building not covered by the condo board’s insurance.
  • Cottage: Whether it’s your weekend destination or a rental property, don’t leave your seasonal home unattended without comprehensive coverage.

Bundle and save with Marathon Insurance

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