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RV Insurance in Toronto

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

RV Insurance

Fun. Adventure. Safety on the Road

Bags packed? Filled up on gas? Iconic sights mapped out for a cross-country adventure? You need the right insurance coverage before hopping into your RV.

Don’t drive off without recreational vehicle insurance for your adventure ride. Contact Marathon Insurance today.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance by Marathon

Made for ATVs, Snowmobiles, Motorhomes, and More

Adventure is calling — but are you fully prepared? RV insurance protects you, your recreational vehicle, and its contents, so you can have the adventure of a lifetime worry-free.

At Marathon Insurance, we share your taste for adventure and life on the road. Our insurance brokers know all about snowmobiles and ATVs, and how driving — and living in — a motorhome makes your dreams of wanderlust come true. We’re here to make sure they do, starting with obtaining RV insurance quotes from the most renowned providers, and tailoring coverage to your lifestyle. Get the keys to your next big adventure with fully customized RV insurance.

How It Works

Get Your Personalized RV Insurance Quote

  1. Get a quote: What’s your recreational vehicle? Tell us about your ATV, snowmobile, or motorhome. Where do you drive to and camp out? Do you live in your motorhome full-time? Your Marathon Insurance broker will obtain quotes from trusted RV insurance providers at the most competitive rates.
  2. Tailor your coverage: Get an RV insurance plan fully customized to your needs and lifestyle. Whether you live on the road or go on summer adventures, we equip you and your recreational vehicle with coverage that protects you through every terrain and destination.
  3. Manage your policy: Use the Marathon app to check your coverage, upgrade your insurance plan, and file a claim. Enjoy 24/7 customer support and peace of mind wherever adventure takes you.

Why You Need RV Insurance

Your Trusty Adventure Companion

Feel the rush of adventure? Make sure you’re prepared for anything that happens on the road.

Recreational vehicle insurance covers both you and your vehicle — and in the case of a motorhome, your home — in case of accidents and unfortunate circumstances. Your dedicated Marathon insurance broker helps make sure you’re covered when piloting adventures on your recreational vehicle, and stay the course of your journey ahead.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Pave the Road to Every Adventure

Whatever your ride to adventure, we’ve got it covered. Your Marathon Insurance broker is here to answer all your questions, and protect your recreational vehicle. Whether you’ve fully embraced a life of adventure and live full-time in your motorhome, or you only ride your ATV in the warmer seasons, we customize an RV policy to your type of vehicle, use, and location.

Loss of use

Provides you with a temporary replacement vehicle and covers additional transportation and accommodation costs while your recreational vehicle is under repair. You may also be eligible for a Total Loss Replacement at the same price point or higher if your RV cannot be restored after a covered loss.

Legal Liability

RV insurance provides financial protection if you are found liable for an accident that injures, causes death or results in property damage. Your liability coverage can be extended to a non-owned motorhome or recreational trailer, such as a rented unit.

Personal Property

Covers losses and damage to contents permanently kept in your recreational vehicle. Your policy may specify coverage limits to include your personal belongings and provide their replacement cost.

Deductible Removal

You may be eligible to have your deductible removed following a total loss or a hit-and-run accident.

Emergency Services

Covers the cost of emergency roadside assistance, such as towing and other services in case of an accident or breakdown.

Full-Timer Liability

Extends home insurance liability coverage for injuries and property damage suffered by a guest or other third party when your motorhome is parked and used as a residence. For short-term use, Campsite Liability coverage is available.

Additional Liability

Increase your RV’s liability coverage limits to ensure greater financial protection following an accident, injury, death, property damage, or other unfortunate event caused to another person. Higher liability coverage is recommended for recreational vehicles, since these are much larger than cars and can potentially cause greater damage.

Towing Coverage

Extends your RV insurance coverage to medium-duty trucks used to tow your trailer, fifth wheel, or another recreational vehicle to its destination, storage location, or repair shop.

Suspended CoverageCoverage

Save on your RV insurance costs when your ATV, snowmobile, or motorhome is in storage. You will not be charged for Collision Coverage and other policy options that are only necessary when you are on the road.

Marathon Protection

Fun and Safe Adventures, Guaranteed

Stay safe on the road and through various terrains wherever adventure takes you. At Marathon Insurance, we’re your adventure companions. We help you prepare for the road ahead with insurance coverage that protects you and your recreational vehicle against damage, loss, and liability.

Drive off to your next big adventure with comprehensive RV insurance for your ATV, snowmobile, or motorhome. Whether you’ve made the open road your home, or you’re riding through rough terrains in search of unique attractions, we make sure you’re fully protected for the entire journey. Call us to get a quote and meet your Marathon insurance broker.

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