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Trailer Insurance in Toronto

Travel Trailer Insurance

Trailer Insurance

When You are Most at Home on the Road

With a travel or camper trailer, every day is an adventure. Travel with the comforts of home insurance coverage and protection for your ride. Take your insurance coverage for every mile of the journey.

Protection for Trailers and Motorhomes

Marathon Driving. Marathon Adventures.

Trailer insurance protects everything you love about travelling on the road. Get the best trailer insurance to cover your ride, with tailored protection for your belongings and adventure companions. Then, drive off to the fun, worry-free.

At Marathon Insurance, we share your passion for adventure and taste for the thrill of living life on the road. Our team of insurance brokers works with the most reputable trailer and motorhome insurance providers to get you the most competitive quotes and coverage options. Get your fully customized trailer insurance plan tailored to your map and mileage, and both the fun and risks of living on the road.

How it Works

Get Your Personalized Trailer Insurance Quote

  1. Get a quote: Tell us about your trailer. Where do you drive to? Do you live in it full-time? Your Marathon Insurance broker will source quotes from major travel trailer and camper insurance providers to protect you on the road.
  2. Tailor your coverage: We craft your fully customized trailer insurance plan. Our guarantee is comprehensive coverage for your unique property — the wheels you drive, and your home on the road.
  3. Manage your policy: Download the Marathon app to access and upgrade your policy, file a claim, and request 24/7 support.

Coverage for All Types of Trailers

Let’s Protect Your Home on the Road

Whether you’re camping in the mountains or along the coast, the right trailer insurance offers peace of mind and protection for you, your camper or travel trailer, and everything in it that makes you feel at home on the road.

What type of trailer do you drive and adventure with? Trust your Marathon Insurance broker to design a fully customized trailer insurance plan, complete with all the coverage options you need to protect you at every mile, and back. Find the right coverage for your travel trailer:


Protection for class A, B, or C motorhome

Towed trailer

Includes travel or tent trailers, horse or stock, camper units, toy haulers or fifth wheels

Stationary trailer

Park models and permanently parked trailers.

Your Trailer Insurance Coverage

Protection for the Road Ahead

Motorhome Towed trailer Stationary trailer Stationary trailer Park models and permanently parked trailers. Your Trailer Insurance Coverage Protection for the Road Ahead For when life takes you on the road, protect your travel or camper trailer — your home on the road, and vehicle to every adventure along the way. A comprehensive trailer insurance policy offers unique protections designed just for motorhomes and your appetite for adventure. Get the value of both auto and home insurance coverage in this unique, hybrid protection plan.

Marathon Insurance is here for every mile. From calculating how much insurance you need, to selecting coverage options and limits, leave the details to your dedicated insurance broker. Enjoy complete vehicle, home, and lifestyle protection with your fully customized trailer insurance.

What Your Trailer Insurance Covers


Get the basics of auto insurance coverage, including third-party liability cover, accident benefits, and property damage. Drive worry-free with protection extended to awnings and against insured risks like collision, theft, and other hazards, whether you’re on the road or camping out.

Personal Property

Protect everything that makes your motorhome and your life on the road. Trailer insurance covers losses to your belongings inside the trailer in case of insured risks. Claim personal liability coverage if a guest or other third-party is injured or suffers damages on your property.

Detached Private Structures

Trailer insurance covers the deck, shed, and other structures against risks of vandalism or damage by animals.

Additional Coverage for Trailers

Guaranteed Replacement Cost

Insure the full value of your trailer to claim actual cash value or a guaranteed replacement, plus an upgrade to a new model after a covered loss. Replacement value is calculated based on the age of your trailer and your needs.

Emergency Vacation Expense

Covers necessary emergency expenses following an insured loss if your trailer is lost or damaged.

Emergency Roadside Service

A comprehensive emergency assistance program for towing, flat tire, battery boost, fuel delivery, lockout assistance, and extrication. This covers the cost of emergency roadside service in case of a breakdown.

Extended Personal Property Coverage

Covers other items in your trailer, including golf carts and sporting equipment, as well as an extended warranty for appliances, lock replacement, and protection for frozen food and other essentials.

Extended Third-Party Liability

Increase your third-party liability coverage for added protection and peace of mind, especially when driving through rough terrains.

Water Protection

Covers damages or losses caused by a sewer back-up or freshwater flooding that affects your travel trailer or camper.

U.S. Exposure

Covers you and your trailer when you travel to the continental U.S. for up to 180 days, or a specified limit in your policy.

Vehicle Sharing

Thinking of renting out your trailer when you’re not using it? Add a rental network sharing endorsement to list it for rent, and enhance protection against damages.

Marathon Protection

Keeping You Safe on the Road

Drive off with complete protection for your travel trailer or camper. Your dedicated Marathon Insurance broker keeps you safe at every mile of the journey.

We keep you safe with tailored and comprehensive insurance coverage. Protect your trailer and home with a unique blend of auto and home insurance coverage that secures your combined ride and home on the road. Call us to get your quote, and access full customer support 24/7, from wherever you are.

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