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Does Your Motorhome Need to Be Insured?

Now that summer is rapidly approaching, you may be thinking about hitting the open road and exploring Ontario. Before you do that, however, you should take some time to learn about motorhome insurance in Toronto.

A motorhome is defined as a vehicle; therefore, you must have insurance for it before you drive it anywhere. In this article, we’ll explain the following about motorhomes and Toronto motorhome insurance:

  • What the different classes of motorhomes are.
  • What the minimum requirements of Toronto motorhome insurance are.
  • What other kinds of Toronto motorhome insurance you can purchase.

At Marathon Insurance, we can help you get the right motorhome insurance in Toronto.

What are the different classes of motorhomes?

No matter what motorhome class you have, you’ll need motorhome insurance. As it will impact how much your insurance will cost, it’s important that you know what class your motorhome falls under:

  • Class A motorhomes are considered top-of-the-line, and may even be used as a primary residence. They come with many features, including storage space, a kitchen area, separate bedroom or sleeping areas, and even large bathrooms! 
  • Class B motorhomes are smaller than Class A motorhomes and do not offer the same amenities, but generally have at least a small kitchen, a shower, and sleeping areas. Class B motorhomes fit in a regular parking spot. 
  • Class C motorhomes are interesting because they combine the features of Class A and Class B motorhomes. They are smaller than Class A motorhomes, but still offer many of the same features, including sleeping, kitchen, dining, and bathroom facilities. They are shaped more like Class B motorhomes, making them easier to drive, but also offer extra space with an over-the-cab area.

Not sure what class of motorhome you have? Your Toronto motorhome insurance broker can help determine how your motorhome should be classified.

What is the minimum amount of motorhome insurance I need?

In Ontario, the legal requirements for Toronto motorhome insurance are the same as for car insurance. They are:

  • Third-party liability insurance. This type of motorhome insurance provides you financial protection if you’re held liable for injuries, property damage, or the death of someone in an accident. 
  • Direct compensation for property damage. This insurance ensures you’ll be reimbursed directly through your insurance company for damage caused by an insured motorist.
  • Accident benefits coverage. This coverage provides you with financial assistance in a variety of areas, including lost wages if you can’t work, funeral expenses, and medical bills not covered by OHIP. 
  • Uninsured automobile coverage. This is additional insurance required to provide you with property damage and accident benefits if you’re in an accident caused by an uninsured driver or a hit-and-run.

What other kinds of motorhome insurance should I consider? 

You may want to consider additional Toronto motorhome insurance, including:

  • Personal property insurance covers losses and damages to items you permanently keep in your motorhome.
  • Emergency roadside assistance, in case your motorhome breaks down and you require towing.
  • Comprehensive coverage covers damages from issues like vandalism, theft, or fire.
  • Collision coverage is for damages if your motorhome collides with an object, such as a rock.

We can help you determine the right kind of insurance for your motorhome.

How can Marathon Insurance help me get the right motorhome insurance?

You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed after reading about all the different kinds of motorhome insurance you can purchase. That’s where we come in as insurance brokers. We can answer your questions about all the different kinds of motorhome insurance in Toronto, and help determine what level of coverage is right for you.

Getting you the right kind of motorhome insurance is actually very easy! Our experienced insurance brokers will help you get the right coverage in no time:

  1. Tell us about your motorhome. What size is it? How much do you tend to use it? We’ll ask you all the questions we need to know to get an accurate quote, and then contact our trusted motorhome insurance providers.
  2. Customize your Toronto motorhome insurance coverage to suit when and how you use it. Once we’ve got our quotes, we can explain them to you, and customize your insurance to fit your budget and lifestyle. Whether you just plan to take a few weekend trips or want to be on the road all summer, we’ll make sure you have the right insurance to cover you.
  3. Enjoy your coverage. You can use our Marathon Insurance app any time you want to do anything, from checking your coverage to filing a claim! If anything happens, there is no need to come back home—our Marathon Insurance app goes everywhere with you.

Don’t miss out on any fun because something happens to your motorhome. With the right motorhome insurance in place, you’ll have all the coverage you need and peace of mind that you’ll be quickly reimbursed.

Motorhome Insurance is a Must-Have Before You Hit the Open Road

Now you know more about motorhome and Toronto motorhome insurance. Here, we’ve covered:

  • The different classes of motorhomes. You can go big with a motorhome that has it all or small with a motorhome similar to a camper van.
  • The kind of motorhome insurance that is mandatory. At a minimum, you must have liability insurance, accident benefits insurance, direct compensation coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage.
  • Other types of motorhome insurance you may be interested in, including comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, personal property insurance, and emergency roadside assistance.

We can help you get a customized Toronto motorhome insurance package to suit your needs. We’ll learn about the type of motorhome you have and how you plan to use it. Then, we’ll put together an insurance package to provide you with the proper protection.

Contact Us to Learn More About Motorhome Insurance

At Marathon Insurance, we’re here for all your insurance needs, including motorhome insurance in Toronto. If you’d like to learn more about any of the kinds of insurance we sell, you can contact us online or call us at 844-429-0837.

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