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Life Insurance Medical Exam What It Is and How to Prepare! (2023)

Life Insurance Medical Exam What It Is and How to Prepare! (2023)

Life insurance can be an important way to protect your family’s future should the worst happen. However, if you have never applied for insurance before, then you probably have many questions about it, including the medical exam.

Here we’ll answer all of your life insurance medical exam questions such as why it’s required and how you can prepare for it. Let’s get started!

What is a Life Insurance Medical Exam and Why is it Required?

The insurance company you’re choosing may need a life insurance medical exam to assess your overall health and any risk factors. Bluntly put, it gives the insurance company an indicator of if or when you are likely to die during the term of the policy.

With this information, a provider will then be able to more accurately give the appropriate coverage and determine the premium you’ll need to pay. Those more likely to pass away sooner due to factors such as age and medical conditions will likely need to pay more for their life insurance.

You may also be wondering do you actually need a life insurance medical exam? Many people can get life insurance without an exam but there are a few risk factors that mean that a provider may request them. These risk factors can be age and health conditions, but can also be their guidelines or the coverage amount.

If you’re a younger person applying for a smaller policy then you may not need a medical exam. If this is something that you’re worried about then you can speak to an insurance provider before you apply to find out their policy on medical exam life insurance.

While it is often seen as a negative, a life insurance medical exam can be a positive for a potential applicant. If you prove that you are in good health then the underwriter may view you as less of a risk than if they were just assessing you through a written application.

Components of a Life Insurance Medical Exam

There isn’t one standard life insurance medical exam as all companies will offer slightly different policies. However, there are generally three different components to the medical assessment so let’s look at what they are.

Health History Questionnaire

The first part of a medical exam is usually just a simple questionnaire. This will look into all areas of your medical history and you’ll be asked about any pre-existing medical conditions along with looking at your lifestyle choices.

Along with this, you’ll also be asked about your family medical history along with other factors such as past surgeries. It’s important to be honest and accurate about your medical history as anything you don’t disclose can invalidate your policy further down the line.

health history questionnaire

Physical Examination

The next step would be to have a physical examination. This will be conducted by a medical professional and often you have the option of them coming to your home or workplace, but this will depend on the individual insurance provider.

During the examination, many standard measurements will be taken such as your height, weight and blood pressure. Along with this, your general health may be evaluated and they’ll look for signs that you may have an underlying health issue.

You may also be asked for a blood and urine sample which will be sent to a laboratory. In rare cases, including those with exceptionally high coverage, you can also be asked to have an EKG (to test your heart), an X-ray, or a treadmill test.

Laboratory Tests

As mentioned, you may be required to give a blood and urine sample. Both of these things can tell you a lot about your general health and identify risk factors such as your glucose levels, liver function, and kidney function, among other things.

It’s also possible that they’ll use this to do a life insurance drug test to see if you have been taking any illegal substances. All of these health check components will be covered by your insurer and you won’t need to pay for them.

Preparing for the Life Insurance Medical Exam

When preparing for the life insurance medical exam, you don’t want to be in a situation where you make your health look worse than it is. For example, if the exam is scheduled after a stressful event then your blood pressure may appear higher than normal. Here are some tips on how to best prepare.

Schedule the Exam Wisely – Schedule the exam for a time when you’ll be in a relaxed state and free from any stressful arrangements. Also, if you are feeling unwell before your exam then it’s best to cancel it and reschedule.

Get Adequate Rest – Make sure you get a good night of sleep before your test. If you are exhausted then this can negatively affect your blood pressure, heart rate, and other health indicators. Aim to get at least seven hours of rest.

Fast if Necessary – You should be given instructions beforehand on if you need to fast before your assessment and how long for. It’s important to follow these instructions and also make sure you’re not having any alcohol or unhealthy food before your test.

Hydration Matters – It’s important in general life and also before a medical exam, to make sure you have drunk enough water. Being dehydrated can have negative consequences, especially if you are providing a urine sample.

Avoid Caffeine and Nicotine – Along with alcohol, you should also avoid caffeine and nicotine. They can both elevate your blood pressure and heart rate. While you should avoid it during the test, it’s important to be truthful about your lifestyle habits when asked.

preparing for the life insurance

Final Thoughts

A life insurance medical exam is a standard part of many applications and there’s no need to be scared about it. It’s designed so that your coverage will accurately reflect your health and your potential risks.

If you prepare well and answer the questions honestly then you are more likely to get a favorable life insurance policy. If you’re interested in life insurance or have any questions about the medical exam process, then make sure to contact Marathon Insurance today to see how we can help.

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