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Do I Need Insurance for My Camper Trailer?

Camping is a popular pastime and a great way to save money on vacations and enjoy the outdoors. If you live in Toronto and are planning a camping trip, getting a camper trailer insurance policy is a good idea. You may wonder what a camper trailer insurance policy provides, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Most people believe auto insurance policies cover travel trailers, but this is only applicable in certain cases. You may be left without coverage if you own a travel trailer. You could even lose thousands of dollars if your trailer is damaged or stolen. The best way to avoid this loss is to insure your travel trailer before hitting the road.

At Marathon Insurance Group, we share your passion for adventure and the thrill of living on the road. We provide the best trailer insurance to cover your ride, with tailored protection for your belongings and adventure companions. This way, you can drive and have a worry-free adventure.

What is a camper trailer?

A camper trailer is a vehicle that can be used for camping. The term “camper” was derived from the word “camp”, which means to stay overnight at a place or have an event or vacation. The recreational vehicle has a sleeping area, toilet, and cooking facilities. It can be towed by an automobile or motorhome and is often used for camping, travel, or as a second home.

In this article, we will discuss what camper trailer insurance entails, the types of insurance for your trailer, and why you need the right coverage.

How does travel trailer insurance differ from standard car insurance?

Travel trailer insurance protects your non-motorized travel trailers, such as fifth-wheels, stationary travel trailers, park model travel trailers, truck-mounted campers, and pop-up campers. This insurance provides coverage for loss of use and replacement cost for your non-motorized travel trailer if it is damaged or destroyed by an insured peril.

On the other hand, standard car insurance policies are designed to protect you against liability for damage or injury to others in the event of an accident or other mishap. To get camper trailer insurance, you’ll need a policy from an insurance company that provides coverage for recreational vehicles.

Do I need insurance for my camper trailer?

It is not a good idea to travel without any insurance because you never know what might happen when you’re out on the road. It may seem like a no-brainer to get insurance for your camper trailer, but the following are reasons why you should consider it.

Protecting Your Trailer From Theft and Vandalism

If someone breaks into your camper trailer while you’re not there, they can take anything in the space, including tools or other valuables. This is especially true if you own a camper trailer with lots of expensive electronics that can be easily stolen when left unattended. You can be sure your valuable possessions are safe while travelling with your camper trailer insurance coverage.

Coverage for Repairs or Replacement

If something happens to one part of the vehicle (such as an engine), it could cause severe issues for other parts as well due to technical incompatibilities between different models. If your camper trailer is damaged, your insurance will cover the cost of repairs or replacement.

Coverage Against Accidental Injuries

When travelling with a camper trailer, it is vital to ensure protection from the aftermath of any accidents. The best way to avoid any issues is with an insurance policy. It doesn’t matter if you’re camping at a campsite or on the move; the insurance will cover your trailer. You’ll know that if someone sustains injuries as a result of your accident, they’ll get enough money to cover their medical bills.

The Types of Camper Trailer Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

This insurance can protect your travel trailer from many unforeseen circumstances. If you include comprehensive coverage with your camper trailer policy, you and your trailer will be protected against theft, vandalism, water damage, and fire, among other emergencies.

Collision Coverage

This insurance protects you from an accident with another vehicle. In most cases, it makes no difference who is responsible for an accident; you will be compensated for any damage to your camper trailer.

Standalone Trailer Coverage

A standalone policy will have a different premium and allow you to choose some optional coverage options that aren’t available through the home or auto policy. These coverage options include collision damage, loss of use, or theft.

All-Perils Coverage

This insurance, combined with comprehensive and collision coverage, protects your travel trailer from damage caused by a wide range of risks. You can also choose specific perils coverage, which will protect your travel trailer against particular risks listed in your policy (like theft and fires).

While the same policies don’t cover all trailers, most policies cover your camper trailer while it is in transit or parked. That means you can use them in various weather conditions without fear of damage.

Additionally, if your trailer is parked in an area with a high risk of theft or vandalism, having some extra protection may be beneficial.

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Getting camper trailer insurance is a no-brainer for anyone who owns a travel trailer. If you’re on the road, your trailer might get damaged or stolen, and there is a possibility that you can’t afford to repair it.

When you purchase insurance for your camper trailer, you are effectively safeguarding your investment from risk. As you may know, the financial losses that come with vehicle damage can be extensive unless insured. Therefore, drivers need travel trailer insurance to protect themselves from financial ruin.

At Marathon Insurance Group, we keep you safe with our customized and comprehensive insurance coverage. You can enjoy complete vehicle, home, and lifestyle protection for your travel trailer.

To learn more about our camper trailer insurance policy, call Marathon Insurance Group at 905-707-0084 or contact us here.

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